The unbearably long wait for the final season of Game of Thrones has made many of us fall for rumors and hunt for ‘leaked’ photos.

In the mean time, artists Fernando and Anderson recreated iconic characters from the Game of Thrones universe by placing them in the Disney Universe, with decidedly unexpected results! 

1. Tyrion, the master of all things fun! 

2. Jon and Ghost, friends forever! 

3. Winter is dancing? Who knows, may be the Night Kind did like Ballet! 

4. Cersei really is the perfect evil queen

5. The naughty ‘sons’ of Daenerys?

6. Appears Bran is taking care of Hodor here! 

7. Lord Varys and his little birds! 

8. The alternate reality of Aryan & The Hound?

9. The original Oberyn vs. Mountain battle was definitely not comical! 

10. Melisandre would rank at the top, if she becomes a Disney witch!

11. The unexpected love story: Jaime and Brienne

For a show that is not innocent in any way, this is one direction that even George R. R. Martin would not have expected his characters to take!

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