Disclaimer: Spoilers from season 8 of Game of Thrones.

With only one episode left for Game of Thrones to come to an end, there are not many mysteries left to be unraveled. After all, most of what we’d been theorizing about, or hoping for, has either happened already or cannot happen in the current universe. 


But, it’s hard to not wish for a GoTverse that turned fans’ expectations into reality. Here are some events that did not happen on Game of Thrones, but we really wish they’d taken place:

1. Brienne and Tormund end up with each other. 

Tormund would have made a perfect partner for ‘that big woman’. He’s given us enough reasons to believe that, he’d not have left Brienne heartbroken after a one (k)night stand, and even if the two parted ways, it would have been amicably. I mean, didn’t Brienne, who faced abuse, hardships, and heartbreaks, deserve some good ol’ wildling love?


2. Jon bid his faithful direwolf a deserving goodbye! (Never getting over this one).

Okay, we’re willing to admit that King’s Landing would have been a difficult place for a direwolf. But not even a pat on the head, forget hugs? That wasn’t just sad, that was downright cruel. Ghost fought whitewalkers for Jon, kept his corpse safe, and saved his living life more times than we can keep count. He deserved a better goodbye, fair and square. 


3. Sandor Clegane did not die as a result of the Cleganebowl. 

Somehow Qyburn made The Mountain even more formidable – near indestructible – than the Night King. Okay. But after his parting advice to Arya, why did Sandor have to die? Could he not have had a life that wasn’t driven by just revenge? Couldn’t Mountain just have fallen into the fire, without Sandor falling with him? Sandor Clegane deserved a character arc that did not end in death!


4. Arya and Gendry have a love story, not just a one night stand.

Dammit Gendry, why did you propose so soon? Couldn’t you just have waited for the Wars to end? Maybe even accompanied Arya on the last battle? 


5. Jaime does not leave Brienne for Cersei. 

Jaime helped Brienne achieve her childhood dream of becoming a knight and she helped him find his deep-buried sense of humanity. And yet, #braime ended up in dust, and for the most unworthy of reasons. Even if Jaime and Brienne had to part ways, they could have done it before Jaime left Brienne heartbroken or for a better reason. 


6. Daenerys heard the bells and… stopped! 

In all fairness, Daenerys did lose some of her closest friends, one of her children, and got betrayed by her lover and advisors. So, yes, we sort of understand her desire to instill fear in the people. But why did she have to wreak havoc to the extent she did, discounting the one thing she’d pledged to do – protect the weak and innocent? 


7. Cersei should have been the one to succumb to dragon fire. Not Varys.

Really, Cersei deserved a more brutal death – for what she did to Missandei alone. Let’s not even talk about her past transgressions across the seven seasons. So, the poetic death where a building falls on her as she lays in Jaime’s arms did not do justice. And to kill Varys – the only person who truly cared for the realm – was not the death the Spider deserved either. 

Harpers Bazaar

8. Bran could’ve warned someone, anyone, about King’s Landing

Like really! For all his power as the three-eyed Raven, could Bran not predict a single thing about the ‘Last Battle’? As the three-eyed Raven isn’t his responsibility to save the present – including the people being mercilessly burnt in King’s Landing. Jon and Arya, while in the midst of the battle, did more to save the people than Bran did. 


9. Sansa and Cersei faced each other and had, what would hopefully have been, an epic showdown. 

All the times that Sansa has interacted with Daenerys, or just about anyone, made one thing clear – she is no longer the doe-eyed, innocent teenager who first went to King’s Landing with Cersei. And for the sheer harassment that Cersei and Jeoffrey subjected her to, Sansa deserved to face those demons and stand tall! 


10. Tyrion rules from the Iron Throne, with Davos as the Hand of the King. 

Yes, Tyrion was outsmarted a few times over the last two seasons. But for five seasons he survived multiple life-threatening situations with sheer intelligence and impressively witty remarks. He is also one of the rare people who actually think of the realm and the greater good, understand the value of loyalty, and are not likely to get corrupted by absolute power. Just like Davos, who may think he’s ‘just a smuggler’, but who actually has the right amount of both, compassion and cleverness, that any Hand of the King needs. 


Now, in all fairness, there is perhaps a really minuscule possibility that the last scenario may still happen. And that’ll at least turn one of our wishes true. But, it’s a sad goodbye to our wishlist. 

Clearly, it was never just a show for so many of its fans, including us.