The last week has been emotionally disturbing for Game of Thrones fans. Firstly, the suicide squad somehow managed to survive the episode with a minimal loss of lives. But that was somehow obvious, with most characters being protected by plot armour. 

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 Then again, it looked like Tormund was certainly dying without making any giant world conquering babies with Brienne. The one death that really got fans triggered was that of Viserion. And then he rose up as an ice dragon.


And then there was a zombie polar bear!

Watchers on the wall

Now, this all happened in the matter of an hour for us. In reality, it took over a year of preparation and days to shoot. And while a lot of it was CGI, a few were just real humans doing some great work. For example, the landscape is real and it is in Iceland.


HBO released a video of the making of the episode, where showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss, the cast and the crew speak about the difficulties in filming an episode that is shot on such a large scale. We even get to see how ridiculous it is to perform a scene with a dragon when all you are doing is sitting on a green toy in a green room. Have a look, yourself. 

So, the next time we complain about Emilia Clarke being a bad actor, let us just look at her options or when we complain about not seeing Ghost, let us just take into account the ridiculous amount of time and money that would cost.