Game of Thrones has really taken the world by storm! It has become a phenomenon of the scale of Lord of the Rings or even Pottermania, and with the new season hitting the television/laptop screens this weekend – the magic is just about snowballing.

We decided to speculate 14 locations in India where Game of Thrones could be filmed if there was to be an Indian counterpart:

1. Zanskar Valley for North of the Wall

North of the Wall is known for its freezing temperatures, anything short of the frozen lakes in Zanskar Valley, Ladakh would be an understatement.

2. Kashmir for Winterfell

Winterfell is the northern part of Westeros, only makes sense that we choose Kashmir for its cold weather yet beautiful greenery.

3. Jaigarh Fort for Castle Black

Castle Black is known for its imposing height to protect Winterfell from the Wildlings and the White Walkers. Jaigarh Fort matches the imposing height.

4. Varanasi for King’s Landing

King’s Landing is the capital city and to justify the dinginess as well as the narrow lanes along with the large number of people inhabiting the place – Varanasi makes complete sense.

5. Kanha (M.P) for Arya Stark and The Hound to roam around

Nothing better than the thick forest cover of Kanha (Madhya Pradesh) for Arya and the Hound to roam around in.

6. Nandi Hills for Casterly Rock

Nandi Hills, Bengaluru is the perfect place to recreate Casterly Rock’s cold, overcast atmosphere of the Lannisters.

7. Aamer Fort for Highgarden

The Tyrells of Highgarden would definitely like the pleasant view of the Aamer Fort, Jaipur.

8. Chiktan, Ladakh for Harrenhal

The creepy war-front of Harrenhal can only be matched by the spooky, dilapidated fort of Chiktan, Ladakh.

9. Sinhgarh Fort for Iron Island

The imposing view and the greenery of the Iron Islands can only be matched by the Sinhgarh Fort in the Western Ghats.

10. Jim Corbett for Essos

The place where the Dothrak and Targareyans rode through and consummated their marriage, and the wildlife only adds to the feels of Jim Corbett.

11. Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur for Dragonstone

Stannis Baratheon’s main fort Dragonstone is completely justified by the beautiful Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur.

12. Havelock Island, Andaman for Pentos

Havelock Island – part of the Andaman & Nicobar Islands is the perfect place to shoot the seaside town of Pentos where Khal Drogo and Daenerys get hooked.

13. Panchmarhi forests (M.P) for the forests of Qohor

Forests of Qohor where a majority of Arya Stark’s adventures take place in the third season can be replicated by the Panchmarhi forests in Madhya Pradesh.

14. Puducherry for Atorpos

Puducherry looks like the exact replica of the city – Atorpos which the Khaleesi visits in the second season.

15. Umaimi Lake, Meghalaya for Riverlands

The site of the “Red Wedding” – the kingdom of Riverlands can definitely be replicated by the green cover of Umaimi Lake, Meghalaya.

Will be really pumped to see an Indian TV show with the production value of GoT, to be shot in India. Hope this takes place sooner than later!