While watching Game Of Thrones, we’ve all questioned our TV/ laptop quality or if you’re as paranoid as me, maybe your eyesight too.

For those of you who don’t watch GoT (shame on you), it’s because the goddamn episodes are darker than the Dark Side.


So, after the third episode released, everyone had a hard time in figuring out what’s happening because it literally felt like the whole set was lit up using one candle.


So, while we squint beyond possible to figure out what’s happening, there’s a legit reason to this darkness. Robert McLachlan, a cinematographer of the show told Insider that the show is dark so that it can look as authentic as possible.


The earlier seasons were shot during the ‘Long Summer’ but since now ‘Winter’ is here, they’ve made the whole aesthetic of the show extremely dark to make it look natural.

He also added that the initial seasons were so artificially lit up that it started looking very obvious. But now, they want the episodes to appear as if the only source of light is coming from Mother Nature. 

The Telegraph

However, that didn’t stop people from cracking some jokes on Twitter.

Where’s my brightness button?