Game of Thrones has us all hooked since the very first episode of Season 1. Heart wrenching deaths, unpredictable plot twists, gut wrenching violence – the show has it all. Already in its seventh season, the makers of Game of Thrones still manage to have their viewers on their toes. As soon as we are done watching one episode, the next Monday seems too far away. A pain that can only be understood by GoT fans alone! 

With some amazing dialogues, and witty one liners, Tyrion has probably already won you guys over. And we’re pretty sure you’ll remember him, even after the show gets over. Just like you’ll remember these jokes that have been carved out beautifully for you by the Valyrian steel. So while you’re waiting for the next episode to unfold its plot to you, we incest you read these jokes in the mean time. Oops, we meant ‘insist’! 

If you got all these jokes, congratulations on being a true fan!

Big thanks to Puneet Gaur for designing these jokes!