Game of Thrones comes under the category of a television show but fans know that the cult of this show is larger than the population of several countries. The show’s keen eye for detail has kept the audience hooked for the past six years and with only a few episodes left until the show’s end, all the stories that we’ve known until now, are coming full circle.

In the past episodes, there have been various scenes that have foreshadowed events that are yet to happen, there have been instances that have recalled events from the past and the minute details of each episode have always served a larger purpose on the show. There were a few that we could spot but most of them have just left us awestruck by the genius of the show creators.

Here are 11 details from the previous GoT episodes that will surely blow your mind.

1. Ned Stark’s death

In the very first episode of the series, the Stark men find a dead stag (sigil of House Baratheon) followed by a dead direwolf (sigil of House Stark). The direwolf has been killed by a stag and this imagery foreshadows Ned Stark’s death that is ordered by Joffrey Baratheon. The dead stag represents Robert Baratheon’s death that happens before Ned.


2. Jaime Lannister ends up losing his hand

Jaime had pushed Bran from the top of a tower and the boy was still unconscious when Jaime said this line,“Even if the boy lives, he’ll be a cripple, a grotesque. Give me a good clean death any day”. Fate was cruel with Jaime as he didn’t get the clean death that he would’ve rather taken than getting his right hand cut off in the third episode of Season 3.


3. Theon Greyjoy predicted his fate

There was a time when Theon tried to take over Winterfell and had launched a hunt to look for Bran & Rickon Stark. His men couldn’t find the boys anywhere and Theon was starting to feel humiliated. He said, “I’m looking at spending the rest of life being treated like a fool and a eunuch by my own people.” In the next season, Theon’s penis was cut off by Ramsay.


4. Walder Frey relived ‘The Rat Cook’s’ story

Soon after the Red Wedding, Bran Stark tells the story of the Rat Cook who killed the King’s son and fed him to the King in the form of a pie. The story says that the Rat Cook was cursed by the Gods and converted into a huge white rat who could only eat his young because the Gods never forgive killing a guest. After this scene, the audience witnesses Walder Frey gloating over all the deaths he caused at the Red Wedding.

In the finale of Season 6, Walder Frey was fed a pie made of his sons by Arya Stark.


5. Stannis Baratheon mentioned dragonglass to Sam

In Season 5, Stannis Baratheon asks Samwell Tarly about his encounter with the White Walkers. Sam talks about dragonglass and Stannis mentions that “We have it in Dragonstone.” In the seventh season, Samwell finds proof at the Citadel that Dragonstone indeed has a mountain of dragonglass.


6. Jorah’s greyscale was hinted at in the second season

Quaithe had given her prophecy to Jorah back in Season 2 when she said, “This man must sail past old Valyria. All who travel too close to the Doom must have protection.”  Jorah traveled through Old Valyria in Season 5 and that is when he got infected with greyscale.


7. Tywin Lannister’s introduction

The first time Tywin Lannister was shown on the series, we saw skinning a stag which was a huge signal that hinted at the shift in power at King’s Landing. It is in the same episode that Robert Baratheon dies and Joffrey is crowned as the King. He’s a Baratheon for the world but he actually is a true blood Lannister.


8. Littlefinger hinted at two deaths

Petyr tells Robin Arryn in the fourth season “People die at their dinner tables, people die in their beds, they die squatting over their chamber pots.” Until that point, only one of the three deaths had happened (Joffrey died at his wedding feast). Later in the season, Shae dies in bed and Tywin dies on the pot.


9. Arya Stark & Nymeria’s re-union

Arya Stark was never the girly-girl. She has fought quite a lot and chose her path to become the wolf she is today. She let go of Nymeria in the first season itself and when she sees her again in Season 7, we are reminded of how far they’ve both come. They’ve grown to be quite alike. Nymeria can’t be a pet anymore as she has lived in the wild for long. This is a sign for future as Arya plans to go back to her home and we still don’t know how it’s going to pan out for her.


10. Hound and this old cottage 

Hound and the Brotherhood Without Banners visited a cottage in the Season 7 premiere. The Hound had visited this place back in Season 4 with Arya. The old man and his daughter had given them shelter but the Hound looted them and left their old shack. Hound finds their skeletons and is reminded of what he had said back then, “They’ll both be dead come winter” and so they were.


11. Jon Snow and Ned Stark are almost the same person

Ned might not be Jon’s father but they are family and Jon Snow’s actions and decisions completely reflect that. Way back in Season 1, Ned had threatened Littlefinger outside one of his brothels and ordered him to stay away from Catelyn. In the second episode of this season, Jon did exactly the same to Littlefinger and threatened him to stay away from his sister, Sansa.


This show is just about perfect.