Game of Thrones season 7 is nearing its finale and in the matter of a day, we will be staring into abyss looking for other TV shows to fill the void till season 8 hits our screens. This season has been awesome. Jon and Dany are falling in love, Gendry is back, the Starks have reunited, the Night King has a dragon of his own and we are all set for a final showdown. 

However, this season has not been without its problems. Season 7 has been satisfying for the fans but truth be told, the plot has lost its edge. At this point, the showrunners are reaping the rewards of the first 5 seasons. And while the dragons and large scale battles have managed to capture our imagination, the show has been facing a lack of content that had originally turned it into phenomena that it is today. 

1. With crazy pace of the season, there are some huge time and continuity issues. Where a journey once took an episode, it now takes mere minutes.

A year before the season 7 aired, we were already made aware that this would be a 7 episode story and things would move quickly. However, what we fail to understand is how much time has been spent in between events. At the beginning of the episode, The Spoils of War, Daenerys is at Dragonstone and by the end of it, she was attacking King’s Landing. Now, she has dragons but what about the Dothraki? In the last episode, we saw Jon’s suicide squad sending Gendry for Eastwatch to send ravens to Daenerys for help. So how did Dany manage to get to Jon and Co in time? It looked like a few days but Eastwatch is a 1000 miles away from Dragonstone! The flow of information has been one of the most vital cogs in the wheel of the plotline and that seems a little disrupted now. 

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2. That suicide squad was an example of the show’s new found predictability.

Almost all major characters in Beyond The Wall had been protected by plot armour. Who were they going to kill? Not Jon. Not Jorah, after they spent so much time on his story and finally curing him of greyscale. It couldn’t be Gendry, after bringing him back after 3 seasons to kill him in an episode? The Hound still has to fight the Mountain. So there we go, all your fan favourites were safe and the show sort of lost what it had started with the death of Ned Stark. Unpredictability!

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When Jon and Sansa met in season 6, it was awesome. And it was so awesome because they allowed it to sink in. They made us wait a long time for the Stark reunion and when it finally happened, they let it unfurl on its own; their love for family, taking back Winterfell, Jon’s unwillingness to fight, Sansa giving up on Rickon, even the coronation of the King in the North, it all happened in due time. On better days, Ser Davos and Tyrion’s journey to King’s Landing should have taken an entire episode.


4. Sansa and Arya never speak about their youngest brother Rickon. You’d think that a reunion after almost 6 seasons apart would warrant a talk about the rest of their family.

He was their youngest brother, the child of the family. Yeah, Bran has been kind of a dick lately but if siblings meet after 6 seasons wouldn’t you at least once mention Rickon? Just because there are memes about him being the only Stark that did not matter, doesn’t mean, he didn’t exist.


5. Where is Ghost?

We get it. Budget constraints. But seriously, Ghost has ever present at Jon’s side whenever something big was happening. Heck, he was the first one to see Jon resurrected. Where is the Direwolf? Do they have him locked up? 


6. Reuniting characters barely have time to catch up.

This season has been full of reunions and we haven’t relished any one of them. Arya and Sansa was barely a blip. Tyrion and Jaime was a missed opportunity. Arguably the two best and most interesting characters, their reunion should’ve been something special. Even Gendry’s comeback was conveniently done, without much hassle.


7. Why isn’t the Night King moving?

Since Hardhome in season 5, Jon has travelled to Castle Black, died and come back, fought and won the Battle of the Bastards, reached Winterfell, spent some time there, traveled again to Dragonstone, spent an unknown amount of time there and then travelled back to Eastwatch and beyond the wall. The Night King and his army, (and yes we get that zombies move slowly) have not even managed to get close to the wall. What are they waiting for, all other the plots to catch up?

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8. Why didn’t the Night King kill Drogon, who was literally in front of him?

Yup. He was right there, at a 90-degree angle. Straight shot with Daenerys on the dragon, along with all other characters.


9. Greyscale was supposed to be almost impossible to cure. How did it happen overnight?

For six seasons, we were led to believe that greyscale was almost incurable, especially for a grown man, but the plot demanded it and Samwell Tarly’s half-baked maester ass managed to pull off a miracle in a night!


11. Tyrion should know Cersei Lannister better.

Tyrion Lannister is a smart man. He knows his sister and yet he devised a plan to capture a wight to convince her. When has Cersei not found a way out of anything? He should know better. He should know that Cersei will weasel out her way or betray them, no matter what troubles they go through to bring a wight to them. She probably still will.

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12. This season is certainly eye-catching but the suspense just isn’t there.

This season has given the fans everything- the massive battle sequences, the dragons in their full glory, a fight with the undead and Jon-Dany romance. The only problem being, in doing so, the showrunners have missed what made the show; George R R Martin’s habit of throwing in a plot twist every now and then and take you by surprise. 


Most of you probably don’t agree with us. You will probably argue that it is a mystical show with dragons, so what if Gendry is The Flash. The thing is, you cannot expect Commissioner Gordon to grow wings because Batman movies now have Superman and other aliens. That is simply, not how it works.