And just like that, another season just went by. Feels like yesterday, when we were all looking forward to July 16 with anticipation, for season 7 to begin. But it is here and even with its minor bumps – the season was overwhelming as expected, eye-popping and largely satisfying. The finale episode The Dragon and The Wolf seems to be the perfect embodiment of the season, as it went about confirming one fan theory after another, however, doing it with restraint.


The finale begins where Beyond The Wall ended. We see the face of Greyworm standing in front of the Unsullied in warm, tropical climate – suggesting the talks of the truce have reached King’s Landing. The two queens (Cersei and Daenerys) finally face-off with each other – but what’s fascinating to see is how this ‘meeting’ manages to scrape many old wounds. 


The Hound and Brienne share the customary politeness from one warrior to another, however, his face changes when he sees whatever’s left of his brother The Mountain, patched up with the sorcery of Maester Qyburn. Euron insults Theon and is told to stand down. And just then when you think the talks are going nowhere, Tyrion shows them the reason of the truce – the Whitewalker. Stunned at once, Cersei and Jaime give in to pledging their forces in the North. But will they?

It’s good to see Theon finally get over his fears, and voice his intention of saving Yara. Shortly after a conversation with Jon which resembles a confession in a church, Theon reaches his men and announces his plans to rescue his sister Yara and free her. Not paying attention to the words of a coward, his men mock him at first – and then what resembles the climax of Aamir Khan’s Ghulam, Theon gets up after being beaten to a pulp and gives it back. The men are taken aback, and before you know it Theon is leading them to what could be a suicide mission to King’s Landing.

One of the most satisfying bits of the finale might just be the justice meted out by Lady Sansa. It’s expected that Littlefinger, the master-schemer in the seven kingdoms, has been at the top of his game by turning one sister to another. But the way they approach the end of that track is what is fascinating. It was oddly satisfying to see Baelish on his knees, begging for his life.

On the other hand, the Jon-Dany finally have sex and yet what’s interesting is how it takes place simultaneously to the exposition of how Jon’s real name is Aegon Targaryen – confirming fan theories since the show began. The slightly disturbing fact is how it is also confirmed that Jon is actually bedding his aunt. *cringe*


And coming to the end – like most conspiracies suggested the Wall is down. And in all probability two of our favorite Northern characters might be dead. *insert sad emoji* The ice dragon single-handedly turned the Great Wall of the North into little more than debris. Which means the Winter is like literally here for the seven kingdoms, as we see it has begun snowing in King’s Landing. Something that waits to be seen is Jaime’s shifting loyalties with his conniving sister – because as we know nothing is sacred for Cersei when it comes to her survival and her loved ones.

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It’s obviously sad that we’re going to have to wait for nearly 2 years before we find an answer to these questions. Will Jon and Dany’s love be affected when he finds out the truth about himself? Will the Unsullied, Khals, armies of the North and whatever armies the Lannisters spare be able to fend off the Night King? What does the Night King want? How will Bran influence the Great War? Who will ultimately sit on the Iron Throne? 2 years to wait and the time start now. Tick tock…tick tock.