GoT season 8 episode 2 was basically a set-up, in the sense it continued the trend of introductions and reunions. While there was a whole lot going on, in Game of Thrones terms, this was a filler. Which means in the next episode, someone’s going to die. 


The dead are almost at Winterfell’s doorstep, and the folks at Reddit seem to have figured out who’s going to pop it. Basically, Lyanna Mormont wishes Jorah good fortunes. Sam also tells him, “I’ll see you when it’s over.” 

Yup, Jorah’s probably going the way of dead. Because the GoT universe may as well be known as opposite world. 


That’s not all though. Grey Worm and Missandei share a moment in the episode, where he tells her he’ll take her back to the beaches of Naath when this battle is over. 

Iska matlab good night forever, Grey Worm. It was nice knowing you. 


As much as we want these characters to live, it’s hard denying the validity of these theories, considering we mostly know how GoT works by now. *Cries in the corner*