We may not kiss like the French or hold hands like the Italians but we are suckers for small, simple gestures that scream ‘I love you’. That said, I’m an ardent non-believer of Valentine’s Day.  I mean, why’d you choose ‘one’ day to shower rose petals and gift heart-shaped balloons which is technically just another day on the calendar. 

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And as the legendary saying goes “Pyaar ka din nahi zamaana hota hai” (Don’t think too much, you’ve never heard of it ‘cos I am that legend.)

Coming to the plethora of bad decisions that I’ve possibly ever made, watching Gehraiyaan close to Valentine’s Day tops the list. I thought being the beacon of singlehood would be better than having a partner who conveniently forgets V-day for the third time in a row until I watched the damn film.

I guess watching a drop-dead gorgeous couple on screen would make me ugly cry over my single life any day but it’s the timing that’s brutally stabbing my heart when it ideally should’ve been pierced by cupid’s magical love arrows, you know.

Let me begin with how the film’s album has mysteriously hijacked my playlist. I spare no effort but how can I resist Beqaaboo (which is my favourite song from the album) that flatters me right from its first line:

“Teri baahon mein aise kho gaye 

Jaise khud se hi riha ho gaye.”

No, don’t fall for it, it’s a trap, it’s a trap and boom! Now it’s the most frequently played song on my playlist!

Also, I passionately envied the out-of-the-world chemistry between Siddhant’s Zain and Deepika’s Alisha because the closest I’ve ever gotten to chemistry was breaking test tubes in my college laboratory, NGL.  

Moreover, the idea of ‘instant connection’ that was accentuated in the film seemed more fascinating to me. Exchanging sheer thoughts in a few glances is an absolute alien concept to me but yeah, I admire its possibility. 

How can flirtatious glances so swiftly transcend into ferocious passion! I really want what they have on a flamboyant yacht in Alibaug, or wait, am I asking for too much? 

I’m sure someone, somewhere has what I don’t because art emulates life. But, you know, art can influence lives too (I secretly hope.)

All said and done, my rant above was the result of only watching the first 42 minutes of the movie. The second half of the film was a subtle reminder that said, “Hey Alisha Alice, please step out of your wonderland.”

Although I feel super single this V-day, the other half of the film made me feel grateful for this discomfort. Isn’t it enough that my boss and landlord have induced enough trauma that I also gladly handover some guy the license to wreck havoc in my peaceful life?

I honestly don’t have the energy to deal with the complexities that come complementary with relationships. This is true to an extent where I own AirPods for the sole reason of not taking efforts to untwine my strangely entangled wired earphones. So yeah, there you have it.

My experience of watching Gehraiyaan close to V-day can be summed up this way: When I sank into the film I hated my single ass but when I swam out of it, I felt Unbothered. Moisturized. Happy. In my lane. Focused. 

If you still have zero context of everything said above then you can watch Gehraiyaan on Amazon Prime Video.