Amidst the pool of celebrity couples on social media who showcase their love in the most unique way possible, we have Genelia and Riteish Deshmukh effortlessly being the absolute power couple!

The fact that we could find more videos than photos of them proves how lively and in love this couple is. We have compiled the moments of Genelia and Riteish that is a testimony to how they’re the most underrated celeb couple in Bollywood.

1. How is it humanly possible for a couple to look this adorable even years after marriage!

2. Genelia’s 10-year anniversary post for Riteish perfectly encapsulates the beautiful bond that has only grown stronger over time.

3. Is it even love if you don’t indulge in some old-fashioned romance with your partner?

4. We’ve seen countless couples reeling in their Holi together, but Genelia and Riteish just somehow make it effortlessly cute. IDK how.

5. Okay, so this is giving us major couple goals. Genelia’s sitting there with her fractured hand and there’s Riteish calmly doing her hair! Have guys like this stopped getting manufactured?

6. They’re wholly, solely, insanely in love with each other and it shows!

7. Forever goofing around: Check. 

8. If ‘they lived happily ever after’ was a picture. 

9. How it started vs How it’s going. Well, we see no change except that they are more in love today than ever.

10. How are they just… perfect? 

11. And, Riteish’s post on Genelia’s birthday was just as wholesome as the couple. 

12. Asserting that he has the perfect wife in the most hilarious way is exactly why we love Riteish.

13. I mean… Why don’t more people talk about them!?

The power couple we need to talk more about!