The New Normal has brought in tons of new things into our lives. And while binge-watching was already a part of our routine, the stay-at-home-all-the-time-situation has just added more to it. 

Nothing is stopping any of us from binge-watching a show as soon as it drops! Well, keeping aside a flimsy WiFi connection. And while we stuff our faces with fistfuls of snacks watching a twelve episode long show in one night, you best belive that it will stay with you long after you’re done. 

And that’s precisely what happened when we binge watched Amazon Prime Video’s newest, ‘Breathe: Into The Shadows’. 

The show is a crime thriller revolving around the kidnapping of a six-year-old Siya and how Kabir Sawant, a newly transferred crime branch inspector races against time to solve the case. What ensues are twists and turns none of us imagined. 

Once we were done and stepped out of the thrilling world of the Delhi Crime Branch and tried to go back to life as we know it now, Amazon Prime Video dropped the dankest virtual game on their twitter handle!  The Threadventure; a one of a kind adventure where you get to solve a case on twitter itself! 

The threadventure with the hashtag #HelpKabirInvestigate has been doing the rounds on twitter, and boy, oh boy, once you start, you just can’t stop. You’d want to try out all the options and just help Kabir investigate! And not to forget this is one of the firsts where someone has attempted a threadventure solely using a twitter thread. I mean, how cool is that? 

You’ll not only go on a clicking spree as you try to solve the case in the most fascinating way possible but actually leave with a sense of accomplishment once you’re done. 

So? What are you waiting for? Step into  the world of the Delhi Crime Branch and #HelpKabirInvestigate. Click here to check it out.