In the midst of lockdown blues, Netflix has decided to serve us something sweet and romantic that has instantly lifted our spirits. 

a secret love
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Netflix's latest documentary, A Secret Love is so pure that it'll leave you teary-eyed within minutes of watching it. Made by Chris Bolan, it tells the story of two women, his great-aunts - Terry Donahue and Pat Henschel who fell in love but had to hide it for almost 60 years. All because of society's treatment of the LGBTQ community. 

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The story of love that lasted over 65 years, despite everything that life threw at it. 

After years of hiding it, in 2009, the two finally cautiously revealed their relationship to Diana Bolan, Terry's niece and were overjoyed at the reaction they received as she told them, "Now you can tell your story." These moments from the documentary are gut wrenching as you think of everything they have been through, living their entire lives in the closet. 

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They broke the norms, played baseball, in the 40s, back when they could be arrested because of their sexual orientation. 

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We meet them when they are in their 80s, as they take us on a journey of old photographs and clips, showing young love that hasn't faded after all these years. Calling each other beautiful, reminiscing old memories by the beach. 

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They fell in love in 1947 when Pat was just 18, and Terry was a 22-year-old in the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League. They shared a home together for years, not once revealing their relationship. 

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In their last few years together, the film shows you how the two have conversation about moving to an assisted-living facility together and getting married. And though Terry Donahue lost her life last year, she did get to see the initial draft of the film that documented her inspiring love story. 

a secret love
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A Secret Love will make you sob like a little baby, but it will restore your faith in love and the joy of being with someone who means the world to you. It is simple, sweet and so endearing that you will find yourself going back to it for a second watch.