Actor Anita Hassanandani and entrepreneur Rohit Reddy recently announced on social media that they are expecting their first child. 

While congratulations poured in from fans, friends, and family, Anita also opened up about getting pregnant at the age of 39, and effectively, shutting down the incessant talks about women and their 'ticking biological clock'. 

The age-factor did play on my mind. Many people told me that it’s going to be tough, it overwhelms you. But once I conceived naturally, I realised that age is just a number. You need to be mentally and physically fit for everything to fall in place. Jo naseeb mein likha hota hai, woh toh hota hi hai. 

                    - Anita to TOI

She also talked about how, she and Rohit decided to have a baby when the two were ready, and not when the society 'expected' them to have a child.

Today, Rohit and I feel well-settled — we are financially and mentally in a place where we are ready to have a child.
Anita and Rohit Reddy
Source: Instagram

The couple is currently focused on preparing for the new arrival in their lives. And their experience is a reminder that people have a right to choose when they want to be parents. Becoming parents should never be about fulfilling society's expectations. Rather, it should be about staying true to your own desires.