I remember when I watched the first movie of the Ring franchise as a kid. I was scared to answer the phone every time it rang. I swear if someone would have said ‘7 days’ after I picked up, I would have gone bat-shit crazy.

I mean you can’t deny this was a scary sight:


And to top it all off, she could come out of TVs too.


Now, this was one ghost you didn’t want to piss off. But then, eventually, you grow up. And you realise, “Meh, it’s just a movie.” (Although that phone thing would still scare me. No kidding.)

But then I saw the actress who played the ghost of Samara Morgan in the movie, Daveigh Chase. From being a scary girl coming out of wells and TV sets, she now looks like this:

She has worked in various TV shows like Big Love and Lilo & Pelekai.

And was even part of a few films like Donnie Darko.

Have you ever seen a ghost turn so pretty?

And to think, she got MTV’s Best Villain Award in 2003!

You wouldn’t mind her calling you now, would you?