It might be a dream come true for a boy to always be around a  huge crowd of Double X chromosomes. But when you’re a girl, the nightmares come true with the dreams as well. Although every girls’ college is different from the other, here is a list of things that you would understand only if you have studied in or are studying in a girls’ college.

1. You are surrounded by women ON ALL SIDES.

2. You develop a crush on the best male teacher out of the lot, even if he looks like Vennu Mallesh.

3. There comes a time when all of us question our orientation.

4. You spend at least 30 minutes to get ready for college, even if that means waking up at 6 a.m.

5. You can strip off layers of clothes without being ogled at.

6. There is a counterpart of the M.U.N (Model United Nations) in Girls’ Colleges where the delegates sit down and bitch. Very systematically.

7. “Interventions” or “Counselling Sessions” happen at the drop of a hat.

8. You all have been part of cliques comprised of girls with similar personality traits.

9. Competition in a Girls’ College is on another level altogether. Like Hunger Games times 1 million.

10. You can’t carry fake GUCCI and Louis Vuitton accessories and not get caught.

11. You realise that “Mean Girls” wasn’t just a movie. That shit happens in real life!

12. No matter what your opinions are on Women’s Rights, after getting admission in a Girls’ College, you become a hardcore feminist.

13. And for the same reason, you start worshiping Maya Angelou, Susan Faludi, Kate Chopin and other great feminist writers.

14. Your feelings towards using make-up strengthen threefold. Whether its love or hate depends on you.

15. The first time you meet guys post admission is the most awkward thing ever.

16. We go to Sarojini Nagar almost every month while Zara and Mango shopping binges happen only during seasonal sales.

17. The non-smokers look down upon the girls who smoke and channelize this hatred in situations where you least expect it, like group projects.

18. You realise that dieting is a myth when you see that the canteens are always jam-packed.

19. Good looks don’t get you anywhere. Since every male professor teaches around 32789 girls, you actually have to study hard and score well. Jugaad doesn’t work.

20. When guys enter the premises, they usually feel like celebrities considering we are all like…

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