Have you heard about that one man who completely understands women? I’m sure you haven’t. How will you, when such a man does not exist! 

I don’t know if men are from Mars and women are indeed the inhabitants of Venus. However, what I do know is that it’ll take an average man more than just one birth to fully understand and comprehend women. Not because men are inherently thicker in the head but because women are too larger-than-life to be understood so easily.

Thankfully, help is round the corner. 

While many may dismiss television shows as nothing but entertainment, if you look closely, these shows offer many insights into the minds of the audience that religiously laps up these shows, episode after episode, obviously connecting to the plot and characters at some intricate level. 

So, for all the men out there, don’t dismiss certain shows as ‘girly’ just because you don’t relate to them in any way. Want to better understand women? I suggest you grab a tub of popcorn, get comfortable and start a marathon of the following shows, right away:

1. Sex and the City

This one is, literally, THE show to watch for every guy.  


Four friends looking for labels and love in Manhattan, Sex and the City gives the best insights into the hearts and minds of women. No matter what she’s like, there’s no way in hell she won’t relate to either of the four women in the show. And once you’ve figured out your woman’s personality type, a weekend spent with Carrie and Co. will answer all your problems.  

2. Desperate Housewives

Four housewives go through 13 years of their lives on Wisteria Lane, each one desperate for something or the other. 


One wants love after a failed marriage, the other is getting over the loss of her family, one is shallow and selfish on the surface but realizes a deeper side to herself and the fourth one is struggling to keep her sanity as she deals with her large family. They all have different traits and they all want different things. This one is great for understanding what women really want!

3. The Good Wife

When her husband is caught in a sex scandal and is put behind bars, the otherwise under-confident and naive Alicia returns to both work and in a lot of ways, real life. 


Working as a lawyer, as she fights case after case, she also learns to deal with adversities, people, love and changing human equations. For those who love legal dramas, it’s a good watch. Plus, Alicia’s character graph goes up and down quite frequently, making her one of the more real-like projections of women on TV.

4. Gilmore Girls

Essentially a mother-daughter story, Gilmore Girls is also the tale of two independent women, finding their way through life, standing by each other’s side. 

I Am Abroad

The show is not just a great way to understand mother-daughter dynamics but also shows the women dealing with other people in the society in their own, unique way. As time passes, they learn a lot about the world and a lot about themselves too. It’s a favourite amongst many women and it’s highly unlikely that you’ll not find much to feed on.  

5. Golden Girls

This is an oldie but goldie! 


With four old, single women staying in the same house, the show is one of the few good ones to present life from the point of view of women no longer in their prime. They’re all single for different reasons and each has a past they need to come to terms with. Over the course of the series, they bond as soulmates, rediscover love and life and experience different things. 

While the age of the protagonists might not be so young, their problems and point of views remain quite ageless. 

6. Gossip Girl

Firstly, the show will MAJORLY  help you up your fashion game. You know how women love a well-dressed man, right?


Though a show centered around high-school kids, it is for all ages simply because the lives of the lead characters are anything like those of kids in high-school. Also, the show has probably the best depiction of the kind of men women like. And there are 3 different kinds of men here. So, simply choose the guy you’re most likely to relate to and see how he works his magic. 

PS: From what I’ve heard, Chuck Bass is the way to be! 

7. Hot in Cleveland

When 3 not-so-young women, sick and tired of the shallow entertainment industry in LA, land in Cleveland, unexpectedly, they decide to stay there and lease a home that has an older and quite-sassy caretaker living in. 


Hot in Cleveland is one of the most underrated shows on TV, especially because it features amazing insights into the minds of women. The four lead women in the show are all different from each other – one is a recent divorcee seeking love, one is a spinster with a son, the third is a six-time divorcee and the fourth, older woman has lead a colorful life that puts all the younger women to shame. 

8. Grey’s Anatomy

Technically, the show isn’t only about women but somehow, men run from away from the show. 


However, the reason why women love the show isn’t just because it has McDreamy and McSteamy in it. A complex human drama about the professional and personal lives of surgeons in the Seattle Grace Hospital, the show touches on every kind of human emotion possible. It’s a bit too dramatic and sometimes, way too weepy but nevertheless, makes for a decent watch once you’ve gotten used to the melodrama. 

And of course, it’s a great conversation starter, if nothing else! 

9. Girls

This highly-lauded show that derives some major aspects of the lead character from Lena Dunham’s own life is certainly not to be missed.


When Hannah is cut off by her parents, financially, she has to suddenly take stock of her life. She, of course, goes through a serious of mistakes, eventually growing up both in experiences and life education. All this while, she has the support of her close friends, all of whom are growing up simultaneously. 

What works for the show is just how easily women have related to the lead and all her myriad problems. And watching the show will tell you exactly that.

This weekend, pick one of these shows and start your lessons!