In association with GOIBIBO

The invention of anything requires a problem in the first place. Something we could solve and make things easier for us. GOIBIBO has redefined the famous saying ‘modern problems require modern solutions’ for us. And it’s one of the coolest things that we’ve seen in a while. 

I am pretty sure we have found ourselves trapped in some bizarre situation or the other, especially while travelling. You leave the comfort of your home, and try to carry everything that you need to make life easier outside it. But sometimes it’s simply not enough. I mean what do you do when the person next to you on the flight claims the entire armrest? And if you’re anything like me, you’d probably choose romanticising your sweet melancholy in a corner before you could actually ask them for space LIKE A NORMAL HUMAN! But that’s where GOIBIBO has come to our rescue by making this total nightmare a cakewalk. And they call it the “arm wrest’’!

Catering to some of the other travel problems as well, GOIBIBO has come up with its merch that’s creating a buzz on the internet. We have the Go-Go kit that you can use while trekking or while on the road. It basically is like a portable loo. Oh, and the Hoardor! It can hold up all of your toiletries and prevent them from leakage. And there are even more products that you need to check out. Plus, they have got the perfect duo to launch it—Aakash Gupta & The Great Khali! It’s a duo that you thought you’d never see, but well, the brand kicked it up a notch by getting them onboard. We saw some of the funniest memes, reels, and TVCs as a part of this campaign. Like, check this one out, hehe.

The sad part is, however, that you cannot buy any of these things. They’re not available for sale and you can only win them by participating in a very simple contest hosted by the brand on their socials. You can check out the details for the contest here. So if you want to make your travel life easier from here on, go participate now (and hope you win)!