With a subverted male gaze, a compelling storyline and thrilling twists that make you gasp and say “Oh. My. God.” MANY times, Netflix’s romantic thriller Yeh Kaali Kaali Aankhein is the kind of show we have always wanted Bollywood to explore. Starring Tahir Raj Bhasin, Shweta Tripati and Aanchal Singh, we finally have a story that’s as refreshing as the cast. 

While the whole series was a dark web of power dynamics and dirty politics, we were glad to have Golden, played by Anant Joshi, as the comic relief the show needed. With Golden’s chirpy personality, humour, even in the face of adversity, and an endearing loyalty towards his friend Vikrant, he proved to be ‘golden’ in all senses. 

Golden stuck by his best friend Vikrant’s side throughout the show. Right from the beginning when they were kids in school, he was the latter’s chaddi buddy. Vikrant’s family sometimes made Golden convey messages to him, proving that he had crossed the BFF stage and become a part of his family.

Whenever Vikrant was frustrated and would rush to him for support, Golden was up for anything that might help his friend. Even when he was asked to pretend he was having a sexual affair with Vikrant for a photo!

In one particular scene when Vikrant, assuming that his girlfriend Shikha was dead, jumps off the bridge, Golden jumps right after him, in order to save him. He didn’t have a second thought about the move being dangerous.

Following the incident, Dharmesh, Purva’s so-called brother, takes Vikrant in his car to Akheraj’s house for asking him his whereabouts. Golden follows the group closely on his motorcycle, almost getting shot in the process. He just had one motive: he wanted his best friend to be safe.

Throughout the course of the show, Golden repeatedly advised Vikrant to stay out of the dreadful power games of the family. When Shikha, having escaped the goons trying to kill her, lands in Golden’s theater, he keeps her safe there. He even gets beaten up when Dharmesh and his henchmen try to extract information about Shikha.

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We see Vikrant change psychologically as the show progresses. Trying to take revenge on the bad people, he becomes one of them. Golden knew about this the moment Vikrant trampled a goon under his car, and he also knew this business was going to get murkier, but he stood by his friend under every circumstance. He lies to Purva to conceal Shikha’s identity and later provides Vikrant with a phone secretly.

While Golden was indeed a ‘golden’ BFF to Vikrant, we don’t see the reciprocation from Vikrant’s side. He drags Golden in his private affairs which were high profile and life-threatening.

Golden didn’t deserve to be hurt, while Vikrant remained unscratched. Just like Golden never thought twice about helping Vikrant, he should also have never compromised the former’s safety.

We all definitely need a friend like Golden, including Golden himself.

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