The 76th Golden Globes just happened over the weekend and gave us a whole new list of movie to add to our to-watch list. 

So, if you were in a fix about which movies to watch next, here is a whole list of excellent films that were the main attraction of the Golden Globes this year.

1. Black Panther

Black Panther was one of the most-awaited Marvel movies and during its theatrical run, it became the highest grossing solo superhero film. It was nominated for Best Drama Motion Picture, Best Original Score and Best Original Song.


2. BlackKklansman

Set in the 1970s, this movie deals with racism in the Colorado police department and the infamous Ku Klux Klan which inflicted violence against African-Americans. It was nominated for The Best Drama Motion Picture, Best Director, Best Actor and Best Actor in a Supporting Role.


3. Bohemian Rhapsody

Rami Malek portrayed the legendary Freddie Mercury flawlessly in this biography of the singer. It won the Best Drama Motion Picture along with Malek winning the Best Actor.


4. If Beale Street Could Talk

This movie takes you on a journey of love where a young pregnant woman tries to clear her fiance’s name when he’s wrongfully convicted of a crime. It was nominated for the Best Drama Motion Picture and Best Screenplay. Regina King bagged the Best Actress in a Supporting Role.

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5. A Star Is Born

This ageless love story is of a musical that has been remade a few times. Even Bollywood’s Aashiqui 2 was inspired by the same. It was nominated for the Best Drama Motion Picture, Lady GaGa and Bradley Cooper for best actress and actor respectively, and Best Direction.

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6. Crazy Rich Asians

This typical story of poor meets rich and falls in love will take you on a comic romantic journey. It was nominated for Best Comedy Movie and Best Actress. 

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7. Green Book

This movie portrays the complexities of male friendship between the two main characters. It won the Best Comedy Motion Picture and was nominated for Best Direction. It also bagged the award for the Best Screenplay in a Motion Picture.

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8. Mary Poppins Returns

This musical movie is the sequel to the 1964 film Mary Poppins. It was nominated for Best Musical Motion Picture and Emily Blunt was nominated for the role of Mary Poppins.


9. Vice

This movie takes you on a journey of a man’s life played by Christian Bale who goes from being an alcoholic college drop-out to a White House official. It was nominated for Best Motion Picture and Best Direction with Christian Bale winning the Best Actor Category.

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10. A Quiet Place

This nerve-wracking film will make you sit on the edge of your seat till the end. Its post-apocalyptic setting and out-of-the-box concept is definitely worth watching. It was nominated for the Best Original Score.


11. Roma

This beautiful story of a Mexican woman working as a maid will hit you in all the right places. It won the Best Direction award and the Best Foreign Language Motion Picture. You can watch it on Netlfix.


12. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

This animated film gives you a fresh take on everyone’s favourite neighbourhood superhero. It lets you experience Spiderman’s universe in a completely different manner. It won the Best Animated Film award.

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Thank us later for the sleepless nights that await you.