In the modern era, a kickass trailer is all you need to sell your movie. It’s a hard job, but somehow the professionals behind a trailer manage to make even the worst movies, look really nice in that 2 and a half-minute preview.

And we know that deceit all too well. Which is why here are 16 instances when we walked into the theatre with sky-high expectations only to be let down:

1. Man Of Steel

Coming closely on the heel of The Dark Knight Rises, and being co-written by Christopher Nolan this Superman reboot had immense hype around it. And if this final trailer is to be believed featuring Hans Zimmer’s mind-boggling score, everyone was ready for the next chapter of the DCEU. Only to be painfully let-down with all that mindless action in the second half between Superman and General Zod.


2. Prometheus

Ridley Scott’s apparent prequel to the Alien franchise, the film starring Charlize Theron, Michael Fassbender had worldwide interest even before the trailer hit the screens. And then when the trailer did come, and people were upbeat about the ensemble cast. And then it all went downhill.


3. Annabelle

Cashing in on the acclaim surrounding The Conjuring, the trailer for the sequel was pretty damn creepy making the fans hoping for an encore. But boy was the movie shit!


4. Exodus: Gods & Kings

Ridley Scott again, after making epic period films like Gladiator and Kingdom of Heavens, was entrusted the job of adapting the story of Moses & Ramesses. With Christian Bale and Joel Edgerton in the trailer accompanied by Hans Zimmer’s fantastic score – it looked like a winner on all counts. And then we actually watched it.


5. Jobs

Ashton Kutcher made so many promises when the trailer of this Steve Jobs biopic finally dropped. The right amount of mercurial and vagabond, it seemed like apart from looking like his real-life counterpart, Kutcher would finally deliver his first film as a ‘serious actor’. Alas, only in my dreams.


6. Death Note

Adapting the worldwide phenomenon that was the original Japanese anime, was being adapted to an American setting by Netflix. Many were unsure as to how a 37-episode would be stuffed into a 100-minute film. And even though the neon-lit trailer turned many heads, the film was ultimately too ambitious for its own boots. 


7. Suicide Squad

Right after delivering the fantastic Fury, David Ayer seemed all set to take his raw-intensity into the comic book universe with this film. With news of Jared Leto taking over the role of Joker from Heath Ledger, there was obvious interest and that second trailer featuring Bohemian Rhapsody nailed everything. And then we heard about the re-shoots and then saw it.


8. Tron: Legacy

Released nearly 25 years after the original cult film starring Jeff Bridges, the trailer for Legacy playing to Daft Punk’s fantastic score and seemed to have sealed the deal for a perfect sequel. The end product was far from that.


9. Iron Man 2

Jon Favreau’s Iron Man had perfectly kicked off the irreverent MCU universe, which would culminate in the forthcoming Infinity War movies. However, the second Iron Man movie was hardly any good even though the trailer starring actors like Sam Rockwell and Mickey Rourke really invited a LOT OF interest.


10. Matrix Reloaded

The Matrix was obviously a game-changer for dystopian Sci-Fi movies in general. And the sequel was obviously very closely followed, and the trailer had everyone on the edge of their seat. Until Neo met The Architect. The whole movie went to shit after that, with most exposition per unit area in cinema history.


11. The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Marc Webb’s Spider-Man reboot worked decently for the studio to go ahead with Andrew Garfield to play the friendly neighbourhood superhero in a second film. And then to hear Jamie Foxx playing Electro with critics darling Dane De Haan playing Harry Osbourne – the sequel had everything going for it. It didn’t come together, which is why Garfield was chucked out after this.


12. The Snowman

Jo Nesbo’s bestselling book was being adapted on to the big screen with Michael Fassbender playing the lead. What could go wrong? And with director Tom Alfredson at the helm, and the trailer perfectly set to Massive Attack’s Voodoo In My Blood – the whole world couldn’t prepare itself for the disorienting experience coming its way. And how did no one see what they had made?


13. Spectre

Sam Mendes had the honour of getting an encore after he became the first director to helm a Bond movie which had grossed more than a billion dollars. And with Christoph Waltz cast as the antagonist, the trailer for the film looked incredibly intriguing. However, after the film, many were left wanting.


14. Terminator: Salvation

With Christian Bale leading the humans against the machines, the trailer for the fourth Terminator movie looked very interesting on paper. And then we saw the young Kyle Reese, the wooden Sam Worthington and we couldn’t understand how the movie had been financed in the first place.


15. The Purge

With great actors like Ethan Hawke and Lena Headey in the mix and a one-line sales pitch, this trailer had everyone in their grip. However, only after we watched the movie did we realise that an interesting idea doesn’t necessarily translate into a cliche-free horror movie. 

Bloody Disgusting

16. Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace

Looked forward to by all the Star Wars fans for what looked like the first time, they would get insight on the franchise’s antagonist Darth Vader – the film turned out to be a massive disappointment. Especially considering that the franchise was coming back after 2 decades. 


Now only had these movies delivered – or the ones behind the trailer not been so clever.