Avengers: Endgame releases today. 

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We all know that it is arguably the biggest cinematic event of all time. And if anybody has read the spoiler-free reviews, they know that we’re all in for a ride. 

Radio Times

So Google, in typical fashion has done something unique to mark this occasion. To know what it is just google ‘Thanos’.

On the top side of the screen, which is generally a brief description of the character from it’s Wikipedia page, you will see a little gauntlet with all the Infinity Stones. 

Click on it, to see what’s next. 

Lol jk. I’m gonna tell you.


On clicking, you will see the gauntlet snapping its fingers as Thanos did and half your search results will simply cease to exist.  

Hey, it even has sound effects of the time when most of our favourite characters just turn to dust. 


Clicking on it again will make it use the Time stone to reverse the events and all your search results will be restored. No harm done. 

If only the Avengers had it that easy.