If you think India has nothing even remotely close to Game Of Thrones, then this article might surprise you. Because we do! And this one is a mind-blowing counterpart.

Gangs Of Wasseypur (1 & 2) is by far one of the coolest films Indian cinema has ever made. With the number of twists, conflicts and unpredictable plot line, let’s just say that GOT and GOW are in fact siblings. These 12 points will tell you how:

1. The bastards rule.

Jon Snow is all set to become Jon Stark (might refuse) and we all know how Definite came out a winner.

2. No apparent reason for violence.

Game Of Thrones only gets a little more RED.

3. Familial bonds aren’t sacred.

Sultan Qureshi kills his sister…

…And Tywin meets his most unfortunate end at the hands of his son…

4. Betrayal is commonplace.

In fact, Gangs Of Wasseypur begins with one!

Source: hollywoodreporter

5. All men (must) die.

And they all do!

6. Which includes your favorite characters.

*Sob sob*

7. But the worst ones always live. Or at least, live longer.

How I want that red-haired witch to die!

8. Women show impeccable strength.

You really can’t mess with either of them.

9. The dialogues blow your mind.

10. Ramadhir and Tywin are complete brothers from different mothers.

Source: Twitter

Both of them treat their sons like shit!

11. Everyone is fighting for power and family.

Source: topyaps

12. Lastly, you’ll most definitely be left confused if you don’t pay attention.

The only difference I can think of is probably in terms of nudity.

This article was inspired from Quora .