Game Of Thrones has some of the most complicated and twisted characters ever seen on TV. But that’s what makes it such a great show.

But like they say, fact is stranger than fiction. So, check out the real life inspirations for these GoT characters:

[Yes we can understand that you’re still reeling from last night’s episode, however Ramsay Bolton isn’t on the list. So chillax!]

1. Joffrey – Caligula

Heir to the Julio-Claudian dynasty and son of Germanicus, Caligula famously said that he wished ‘All of Rome was one neck, so I could cut it!’. Well, doesn’t really require much explanation after that.

2. Robert Baratheon – Henry VIII

Henry VIII was known majorly for his multiple marriages during his lifetime, and his love for alcohol. He was also a great warrior before he assumed charge as a ‘Renaissance man’ for his kingdom. Pretty much Robert Baratheon, before he gets killed hunting!

3. Brienne of Tarth – Joan of Arc

Everyone knows about Joan of Arc’s sheer bravery to stand up for its country, France to overthrow the English dominance and in that bargain she was captured by the English, and burned alive on a stake. Brienne is exactly the same warrior and idealistic like her real life inspiration.

4. Talisa Stark – Anne Boleyn

Wife to Henry VIII, Anne was an incredibly smart woman who saw through all the royal corruption. Unfortunately the schemers plotted against her, charged her with adultery and had her executed. Familiar much?

5. Melisandre – Bloody Mary

Mary I, was the Queen of England and got the nickname ‘Bloody Mary’ for executing and beheading a bunch of protestants during her rule. Melisandre in GoT is overwhelmingly powerful with the ‘God of Light’ on her side and she gets plenty of executions done.

6. Daenerys – Elizabeth I

Known as the queen who ruled with good counsel, and the one true queen of the seven kingdoms – Daenerys or Khaleesi is based on Elizabeth I on every step of her journey. Both women had to lose a great deal before becoming the one true queen.

7. Cersei Lannister – Margaret of Anjou

Cersei Lannister shares many personality traits with Queen Margaret of Anjou. Both women were good-looking, commanding, indomitable, and fiercely devoted to their children, regardless of their flaws. Rumors of infidelity plagued the two queens.

Good bit of trivia eh?