It’s only fitting that PewDiePie, the YouTube star, took a retirement from the platform earlier this year. It would have been awkward to share the space with the legend, the icon, the superstar – Govinda.

That may or may not be true, but No. 1 toh sirf ek hi insaan ho sakta hai and that has to be Govinda, come on.

DNA India

Taking his filmy legacy forward, Govinda launched his YouTube channel recently, and aptly named it Govinda No.1.

His less than a week old channel has two songs, love songs, sung by… Govinda. Who else?


The first one is called Chal Na Romance Kare, which is just a different version of 1998 song Chalo Ishq Ladayein, if you think about it.

So a lot has changed in 22 years, except Govinda and his quest for love (I relate).

As for the second song, it is a profound ballad about the girl of his dream:

Main tera ishq, tu meri aarzoo hai,

Tu mera dream come true hai.

Which gets really intense towards the end:

Dholaki ki dhol ki tarah chhoda ghuma ke,

Ghoomein hain round round hum toh wahin pe.

That’s what people do in love, man, dhol ki tarah ghuma ke chhod dete hain. I am out, mujhe karna hi nahin hai.

Govinda says that these songs are his ‘gift to all the lovers’, which is offensive. Hum single log kya karein?

Anyhow, in case you want to see more of him, the actor is also on TikTok. Which is meta because TikTok is Govinda, no? 

Can’t wait to listen to more of his creations, ideally featuring him as well. You know, Himesh Reshammiya kinda thing? 

A channel from Govinda, named Govinda, having songs by Govinda, featuring Govinda. I am sure it can be done. But till the time that really happens, remember to not be treated like a dhol by your lover.