Govinda is very famous for his impeccable timing, groovy dance moves and innumerable hit movies. But the most amazing thing about our Hero No. 1 is that he can pull off anything he wears. The fashion industry is now adding ‘funk’ to their style but Govinda has been experimenting with it for decades now, and with some amazing results.

Here are some funky clothes that only Govinda can pull off:

1. Who else can pull off yellow with such panache!

2. No one else can carry themselves in something so colourful. NO ONE!

3. Who else but Govinda can dress up like this. SERIOUSLY!

4. On any other Bollywood actor, this print would look downright weird. But not Govinda!

5. Can you even think of matching boxers and a tie?

6. He even adds funk to a classy dressing style like this.

7. Making the best of his old curtains, isn’t he?

8. Even teenage boys can’t pull off suspenders like this!

9. Have you ever seen someone wear a mustard coloured printed shirt?

10. If you see a man wearing a purple kurta, you know whose style he’s copying!

11.We have always known that Govinda has a big heart.

12. Taking inspiration from Big B’s Saara Zamaana…

13. Now this is how you wear a printed blazer.

14. Chinese shirt, desi heart!

15. India’s reply to Elvis!


16. Muffler, guitar and cap – Talk about mixing styles.

17. Pulling off vertical stripes so effortlessly.

18. And also the horizontal zebra stripes.

19. This army print red blazer is just what we need to see this winter.

20. Purple defines funk. So does Govinda!

21. The All-Denim look!

22. Only Govinda can get away with a body-hugging red sweater matched with purple pants!

23. Wearing a pink check shirt at 50. Now, that is funky!

24. You’ve been hit by a Smooth Criminal!

25. The biker look!