Storytelling isn’t a perfect science. Storytellers often make mistakes, mostly with continuity. And that applies for films as well. So we decided to make a list of some of the most popular movies, brilliant even, but with glaring plot holes. 

1. Shawshank Redemption

How did Andy Dufresne spend all of his 24 years in one cell?

The movie was perfect except the part where Andy spent 24 years in a single cell. For the uninitiated, that almost never happens. Prisoners, even in solitary confinement are made to change their cells. 

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2. Lord Of The Rings

Why did Frodo and Sam go through so much trouble when they could have just flown on giant eagles?

Frodo and Sam spent countless hours fighting the worse sort of creatures through out the trilogy to be able to get to Mordor and throw the ring into the fire. But as we find out, Gandalf had eagles, eagles that could carry people, let alone hobbits easily. So, why not just do that? 


3. Gravity

Sandra Bullock could have saved George Clooney but gently tugging the rope due to the lack of gravity. 

One of the gut wrenching moments from the film was when George Clooney’s sacrificed himself to save Sandra Bullock’s character. However, it appears to have been a wasteful thing do to. You see, with space lacking gravity, she could have just tugged the rope and Clooney’s character Kowalski would have been easily pulled towards her. 

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4. Ant-Man

Scott Lang weighs the same even when he is small. He should be crushed under his own weight. 

In the film, it is clearly stated that while Scott Lang reduced in size, his mass would not be affected. Now that means he’s weight would remain the same. So the ants that carried him around would not only fail to do so, Lang himself would have collapsed under his own weight. It’s pretty well known. That’s pretty much how a black hole works.

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5. Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows II

Lily’s eyes do not even have the same colour as Harry’s. 

Through out the film series, it has repeatedly been stated that Harry had his mother’s eyes. Harry, in the films has blue eyes. However, when we see Lily in the last film of the franchise, we realise that she had brown eyes. Which simply negates the whole connection Snape had with Harry. 


6. World War Z

How did the helicopters in Israel never notice zombies climb on the wall? 

When Brad Pitt’s character Gerry lands in Israel, he finds that they had made walls to protect themselves against zombies. There were hundreds of helicopters always patrolling these walls, despite which none of them realised that thousands of zombies were climbing over said walls. 


7. Batman Begins

Ra’s Al Ghul vapouriser should have killed every living thing in vicinity. 

When Ra’s Al Ghul’s plan succeeds in the end and the demon’s head managed to vapourise the city’s water supply, it should have automatically killed everyone in Gotham. Well, mostly because all of us are made of water!

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8. Spider-Man: Homecoming

The film takes place 8 years after The Avengers, which puts it a couple of years after Infinity War. 

The film picks up 8 years after The Avengers, which was set in 2012. But Infinity War took place in 2018. So how is it that Homecoming takes place in 2020?

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9. The Matrix: Reloaded

Nobody can plug themselves in and out of the Matrix, except Cypher. 

People going in and out of the Matrix need someone to plug them in and out. But this character, Cypher, who was scheming with Agent Smith does it on his own. Does that mean he’s the One? 


10. The Hangover

Did Doug really just sleep on the roof through out the day? 

The Hangover is one of the craziest, funniest movies ever made. Everything about that film is bloody brilliant. Except the fact that Doug had spent most of a very hot LA afternoon taking a nap on the roof the hotel they were in. How is that even possible? 


11. Armageddon

Why train drillers to be astronauts when you can train astronauts to drill. 

This Bruce Willis-starrer is one heck of a cool movie. But here’s the thing. In the film, they train oil drillers to be astronauts. Now, why wouldn’t they just teach astronauts to drill. Surely, someone must have thought that it would be an easier, more achievable task. 


12. Back To The Future Part III

Doc already had a DeLorean hidden in the past. Why would they then need to find fuel to get back? 

Doc and Marty hatch an elaborate plan to retrive gas for their vehicle so that they can go back to the present. But why didn’t they just dig up the fully-fuelled DeLorean the Doc had buried in the mineshaft awaiting his 1955 counterpart instead of making an elaborate plot? 

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13. Terminator

If John Connor was so important, why not send more than one terminator at a time?

John Connor was the key to destroying Skynet and saving the human race. So Skynet sent a terminator to kill him as a child and to make sure that the future never comes to pass. But if Connor was so important, and mind you, Skynet had an abundance of terminators, why wouldn’t it just send a lot of them to kill him, instead of sending just one every movie?


14. Iron Man 2

How did Whiplash know Tony was going to be at the race?

Whiplash crashed Tony’s little joy ride on the race tracks and almost killed him. It seemed like he had the whole thing planned. But until the last minute, Tony himself didn’t know he was gonna race. It was a spur of the moment decision. So how did Whiplash know?

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15. Karate Kid

Head kicks are illegal. How did Daniel win by kicking Johnny in the head? 

Anyone who has at any point attended or participated in a martial arts contest knows kicking someone in the head is illegal and could lead to disqualification. Even the film states as much. Despite this, in the finale, Daniel crane kicks Johnny to the head and lifts the trophy!

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16. Independence Day

How are alien computers supporting Mac programming?

The 1996 blockbuster saw Jeff Goldblum’s David Levinson plant a virus into the alien mothership and destroy it. Here’s the problem though. He created the virus on a Mac. How did it work on an entirely different operating system created by a species so much more technologically advanced than ours?

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17. E.T

If the alien could fly, he could have just chased the spaceship, couldn’t he?

E.T was a great film. Make no mistake about that. But during the course of the film, we find out that the alien could fly. So why didn’t he do the same and fly after his spaceship? Did he like hanging out with kids? 

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18. Krrish

Rohit hadn’t met his wife in 3 years. She still had a kid with his superpowered genes. 

A son cannot simply look exactly like his father. You cannot be your father’s identical twin. Now, let’s ignore that for a while. There’s another problem with this film. Rohit had not met his wife for 3 years and she still somehow got pregnant with his kid. She might have eloped with someone else but that still wouldn’t give the kid Jadoo’s powers. 


19. Bhool Bhulaiyaa

Who threw threw the lock at Rajpal Yadav’s feet because Avni hadn’t been in town at that time?

If Avni’s Identity Disorder was the cause of all paranormal activities, then who threw the lock at Rajpal Yadav’s feet? Vidya Balan hadn’t even arrive in town by then. So was it a prank? Because it was cruel. Rajpal Yadav kind of went nuts after that.

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20. Lagaan

In the 1800s, an over would have 8 deliveries, not 6. 

The movie was based in the 1800s, when every over used to have 8 deliveries. But the movie showed them having 6. Imagine Bhuvan needing 4 to win of 3 balls. That seems rather easy. 

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Now, this doesn’t mean that the films aren’t good. Some of them are exceptional, in fact. But hey, plot holes are plot holes.