In real life, people’s lives are rarely completely sinless. In fiction, it happens quite often. However, there have been instances where the makers of a movie or a show have decided to keep it real with their characters and they have turned out to be huge crowd favourites. Here are some examples.

1. Tyrion Lannister

Sure, he doesn’t get along with his family members and on some occasions, plots their murder. But who on Game of Thrones doesn’t? The man’s got a decent heart, has had a tough life, so he drinks, and he knows things. And we like him.

Watchers on the Wall

2. The entire family in Parasite

Parasite is a modern-day classic and that is a fact. The movie shows class-divide better than anything we have seen in recent times and the motivations of the characters in the movie come from this deep anguish resulting from inequality. To be honest, all the main characters in the movie can be categorised as grey

The New Yorker

3. Haider

Starring in the movie of the same name, is Shahid Kapoor, who gave arguably his career’s best performance in this one. Haider has revenge to take on behalf of his father but it is not as easy as putting people behind bars. He loses a lot in the journey and takes a lot, too. 


4. Tyler Durden

I am finding it really hard to talk about Tyler without breaking the rules of Fight Club, but let me try. Tyler is a philosophical man, who has overcome the general desires that occupy most people’s minds. He is on a mission to bring down the big forces, and we know that cannot be done by walking on a straight path. While Tyler makes someone else do this for him, he is there ‘in spirit’.

The Verge

5. Arthur Fleck/Joker

Joaquin Phoenix’s outstanding portrayal of the disturbing life of Arthur Fleck AKA Joker, sheds a light on the character’s traumatic past. Most of his actions are unjustifiable, but the movie manages to explain what isolation and depression do to our minds. Making Joker a very flawed human, but a human nonetheless. 

DL Mag

6. Unnamed Man – A Wednesday

Sitting on the top of a deserted building, a man forces the entire police force to spring into action. He has an idea of justice and to get it delivered, he takes a route that is crooked but probably necessary. 

Bollywood Hungama

7. Beena Tripathi

Beena goes through a lot in her life and soon realises that she has to take matters into her own hands. She is fearless and does what she wants. She is also unforgiving to those who wrong her, which isn’t too bad to watch on-screen.

DNA India

8. Walter White

A morally dubious step that Walter took to protect his family, turns into a really nasty business that involves everything illegal and immoral. He was still greatly followed, though and the character remains one of the most iconic ones in the history.


9. Tara Khanna

Tara Khanna is a go-getter, and while her ways may not be described as pure, there is little to no reason to hate her. Sobhita Dhulipala shines as Tara in Made In Heaven and gives the character a warm believability. 

India Today

Are we grey characters for liking these people?