I think we can all agree that there should be checks and balances for media in every part of the world. Yeah, we messed up in that department. Big time. So now you have a good number of anchors saying all sorts of nonsensical, if not dangerous things on TV, and sadly, getting away with it. However, there have been instances of people giving it back to them, and here are a few.

1. When the First Secretary of India at the UN, Sneha Dubey, showed Anjana Om Kashyap the way out of her office. She did not say a single word, just gestured that the anchor should leave, but if we know anything about Anjana it’s that she loves being in places she doesn’t belong. Anyway, this time she had to step out.

2. When SRK shut down Arnab with a single statement. I finding myself watching this video on repeat quite often.

3. When Javed Akhtar told an Aaj Tak anchor to stay impartial during news coverage, on live TV.

4. When Saif Ali Khan told Navika Kumar Taimur is doing potty when she asked if he can give a flying kiss to the viewers. Knowing Saif as a public figure, he may not have said it with the intention of roasting her, but this is iconic and I am going to keep it on the list.

5. When Dr. Syed Asad Abbas called her out for showing bigotry and targeting Tablighi Jamaat, exclusively, for the spread of coronavirus during the first wave of the pandemic.

6. When Mahua Moitra showed Arnab Goswami the finger on his own show. He kept telling her to speak while also not allowing her to speak and Mahua just couldn’t take it after a point. Understandable.

7. When Sania Mirza called out Rajdeep Sardesai for asking her when she is going to “settle down”, hinting at pregnancy. She asked why wasn’t being the number one doubles tennis player in the world not “settled” enough?


8. When Sunny Leone told Bhupendra Chaubey she can leave if he thinks interviewing her will tarnish his image. This whole interview was shameful, and we find it endlessly unfortunate that Sunny had to go through this.

More of this, please.