Actors and our forever favourite celebrities Gul Panag and Madhavan got together for a live chat today that was warm, funny and profound – all at the same time.

The chat was started by Gul for her Instagram live show Cool Tech, and she invited Madhavan over and began with trying to make him remember how their friendship started.

It was back in 1999 when Gul had just become Miss India and Madhavan was waiting for his first release. 

They met at the Filmfare awards where Gul thought she did really poorly as a host but Madhavan walked up to her and told her she was great (which proves Madhavan has always been a sweetheart).

The two then moved to the topic of coping with the current situation, where Madhavan said that he is trying to not stick to a strict structure because he doesn’t want to stress out his family members more than they already are.

He also said that he really enjoys purposely setting the alarm and then putting it on snooze.

I get a lot of sadistic pleasure in setting an alarm for 6 in the morning and snoozing the life out of it. Because most of my life alarm has had a control over my life. 

When asked why he doesn’t follow a structure, Madhavan said that it is because once we get out of this situation, the ‘normal’ as we know it,would have changed, so it doesn’t make much sense to strictly follow old habits.

He also said that it will be an exciting time for storytellers when this all ends, because people will be changed and so will their entertainment needs.

As Gul put it:

What’s going to entertain the new normal to relevant? 

The further talked about Madhavan’s upcoming projects and Gul’s flying lessons at home where she uses simulation to keep not fall out of habit. 

You can watch the complete live video on Gul’s Instagram handle, here. Oh, and while we are on this topic, someone cast them together when things get normal, please?