What worse can happen? When your work becomes the place of utter discrimination for you. Recently on Twitter, Gulshan Devaiah shared that- apart from nepotism, there are other things in Bollywood that need to change. He says, “So much tamasha is made about nepotism” people are segregated based on their job profile, with separate dining areas also need to be done away with.

Gulshan told Hindustan Times “It’s a very common occurrence. It happens across the entire spectrum, be it film sets, ad shoots or TV sets. I’ve been seeing this since the time I’ve been working here. It doesn’t happen on every set, but a lot of sets do segregate.”

While work culture can be hard to survive following politics, discrimination, wage gaps and, the list goes on and on. Gulshan’s Tweet opened up a can of worms with other Twitter users from within the industry coming forward to talk about the workplace segregation in Bollywood.

We all deserve dignity and this segregation must stop.