We’ve found a crossover straight out of our childhood. Fourteen years after the shows began, two of our most loved characters decided to get on a video call to chase away the lockdown blues. 

Sisters Ratna Pathak Shah and Supriya Pathak donned their respective roles of Maya Sarabhai and Hansa to talk about the return of the shows on television.  

Hello, Maya ben. How are. I am a Hansa, huh. Mujhe na Jayshree se ek suppak chatpati khabar mili hai. Main sunaoon?

Their adorable conversation will transport you back to those days when we would sit down in the evening to watch these two shows during dinner time. 

Hello Hansa. Haan magar Maya ben nahi, Maya. Mujhe please Maya bulao. Aur suppak nahi hota. It’s superb or terrific.

Our favourite part of the clip? Maya Sarabhai going, “Corona, Monisha, bahut sare viruses hain.” 

Watch the video here:

All these years later, they’ve still captured the characters so well. Can’t wait to watch the shows again on television.