Anushka Sharma’s second home production, Phillauri, may have fetched a U/A certificate from the censor board. But, looks like the infamous CBFC was not thoroughly satisfied with their job on the film. 

The latest hurdles being planted by the board is to impose the deletion of a scene where actor, Suraj Sharma is frantically chanting Hanuman Chalisa to ward off the ghost played by Anushka Sharma. 


As per the myth, the recital of the holy scriptures is supposed to be helpful in getting rid of any supernatural presence. But since the ghost in the case of Phillauri still prevails despite the chanting, it is contradicting the age old myth. And that is what the CBFC is contesting.  

What’s worse, the censor board has also demanded that the producers of the film add a disclaimer at the start of the film stating that they do not believe in ghosts or subscribe to any of the superstitions shown in the film.

b’Image source: Youtube/PhillauriTrailer’

As expected, the Sanskari Chief has an explanation handy, “In my opinion it’s not the CBFC’s job to sit in judgment on the content of a film. We can only make amends in the presentation of the content. Not propagating superstition and blind faith falls in the jurisdiction of the State government.” Pahlaj Nihalani said to DNA

b’Image source: PTI’

CBFC is a gift that keeps on giving.