Having grown up watching and then reading Harry Potter, I, like every true Potterhead, have concluded that movies don’t do justice to the books. Important sub-plots like Hermione’s obsession with SPEW, Gaunt history, and Ludo Bagman were conveniently dismissed. Aunt Petunia’s complicated relationship with her sister never got any limelight. Neville could have been ‘The Boy Who Lived’ is never emphasised. Besides, there is so much problematic stuff in the series, realizing which has been a huge bubble burst.

Like how James Potter was a TOTAL BULLY. Or inadequate representations, gendered stereotypes, and happy slaves. Oh, and just the fact that J.K. Rowling wrote it.

But Twitter users are discussing what part thay’d want to eliminate from Harry Potter storyline.

This thread shared by @snapecunt is full of interesting responses. Have a look.


What was that?

Which bit from the series bothered you the most?