No matter how many years may pass, Harry Potter will be etched in our memories… Always! (Notice what I did there?!)

And if anything comes close to what Harry Potter meant to us and will continue to mean, it’s the very popular and trending Game Of Thrones. The show is well into its seventh season and still giving us tiny heart attacks. To our surprise, many of the actors we last remember seeing in the Harry Potter movies have appeared in Game Of Thrones, which you might or might not have noticed.  

Here’s a list of 13 actors who appeared in both Harry Potter and Game Of Thrones. Some of them will make you say ‘Merlin’s beard’, just like Ron!

1. Michelle Fairly

Michelle played the role of Hermione’s muggle mother in Harry Potter, a literal blink and miss scene. However, in Game Of Thrones, she played Catelyn Stark. And here, you just cannot miss her!

2. Natalia Tena

You loved her as Nymphadora Tonks in Harry Potter, and even cried a river when she died. And in Game Of Thrones, you saw her playing the role of Osha, the wilding who saved Bran and Rickon from Theon’s invasion of Winterfell, and died trying to kill Ramsay Bolton.

3. David Bradley

Bradley played the role of Argus Filch, the annoying caretaker of Hogwarts, in Harry Potter. In Game Of Thrones, he plays the equally hated role of Walder Frey.

4. Ciarán Hinds

The role of Aberforth Dumbledore, the owner of Hog’s Head and Dumbledore’s li’l brother in Harry Potter, is played by Hinds. You might remember him as the King Beyond The Wall, Mance Rayder, in Game Of Thrones.

5. Freddie Stroma

Freddie played the sneaky Cormac McLaggen in Harry Potter, the guy who hit on Hermione in the sixth movie. In the sixth season of GoT, he plays the role of Dickon Tarly, Samwell Tarly’s brother. Hard to recognize, right!

6. Julian Glover

No matter how many times you watch and re-watch all Harry Potter movies, you won’t be able to spot him. Julian was the brilliant  voice behind the giant spider Aragog in the movie. In GoT, he’s known as the Grand Maester Pycelle.

7. Ian Whyte

He played the role of Madame Maxime in Harry Potter, but only when they showed a full body shot of hers. All the other times, the giant woman was played by actress Frances De La Tour. In Game Of Thrones, he’s played three roles – that of the Mountain, a White Walker and Wun Wun the giant.

8. Nicholas Blane

You might have missed Blane as Bob, the wizard who worked with Arthur Weasley in the Ministry of Magic. But you know him well as The Spice King of The Thirteen Rulers of Qarth in GoT. In the image below, he’s the one holding the box.

9. Bronson Webb

The role of the skinny Slytherin friend of Draco Malfoy was played by Bronson in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. He starred in the first season of Game Of Thrones as Will, a member of the Night’s Watch killed by Ned Stark.

10. Ralph Ineson 

Remember the Carrow siblings who harassed students at Hogwarts? Ralph played Amycus Carrow, a eath Eater. You will recognize him in GoT as Dagmer Cleftjaw, the one who betrayed Theon Greyjoy at Winterfell.

11. Edward Tudor-Pole

He was Mr. Borgin, one of the owners of Borgin and Burkes, the dark objects shop in Knockturn Alley, in the Harry Potter franchise. Unfortunately, the scene never made it to the final cut. In GoT season 2, he played a small role as a protester in the crowd.

12. Sally Mortemore

Remember that pretty professor Madame Irma Prince sitting next to Snape in the Chamber of Secrets? She played a Braavosi woman in Game Of Thrones. Hard to place, but there!

13. Daniel Tuite

This actor is next to non-existent in Harry Potter, where he played the role of a random ministry wizard. We couldn’t even find an image of him from the scene! But in Game Of Thrones, he portrays Lothar Frey

*Shuts self in a room and starts making Harry Potter + GoT fan theories*

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