Like so many others, I too grew up reading Harry Potter books and excitedly watching the movies, eagerly waiting for the next one to release every year. While the movies enchanted us, we saw what was on camera but never did we get to see the spells cast from behind the screen that made the magic possible.

So, for all the Potter maniacs, here are 40 behind the scene photos from the sets of Harry Potter:

1. Harry & Prof McGonagall sharing a light moment. Probably post Voldemort.

2. When none of them got a date to the Yule Ball. 

3. Harry doing a Baywatch pose.

4. Malfoy: “I had to hitchhike all the way from Hogsmeade.”

5. Slytherin’s ring turned Dumbledore’s hand green. Well, it was his favourite colour.

6. Hermione, when she was asked to kiss Ron and Harry.

7. When nobody won the match over who would get Hermione, it went to extra time.

8. “Don’t be sad Harry, it’s okay to lose at times.”

9. To be fair, no one ever tried hitting Voldemort with a hammer.

10. Bellatrix being Le Strange.

11. Sirius: “Remus, that idiot is kissing the woman who killed me.”

12. When Hermione tried to curse the camera.

13. The moment you realise Nagini is just a stick!

14. Death Eaters love their coffee in the morning.

15. Director: “Listen guys, no more retakes.”

16. “Really, this is the last straw.”

17. “I think I’ll have to send you down into the chamber.”

18. Harry: “You could’ve left Hermione behind.”

19. Forget Mad Eye, that guy behind him shoved a broom up his ass.

20. When they tried to fit two hundred people in one tent.

21. Harry about to make out with a golden snitch.

22. Ron: “Doesn’t matter how my arm is, make sure the hair looks fine.”

23. When everyone realised that Bellatrix killed a plastic doll.

24. When life gives you nimbus.

25. When life gives you a fire bolt.

26. Two of the greatest wizards dueling with words.

27. Harry sharing a laugh with his body double.

28. Ron all serious with his body double. 

29. Hermione chilling with many body doubles.

30. Bellatrix hitting the floor!

31. Lucius Malfoy & Sirius practice dueling.

32. Harry: “I’m telling you Cedric, you’ll be better off as a vampire.”

33. Voldy is always in character.

34. An extremely well lit Godric’s Hollow.

35. Harry: “So this is what the muggles see us through?”

36. There is no dark without the light. 

37. It wasn’t gillyweed he used?

38. Ron had Hemione for a jacket. Harry is just cold.

39. Neville admiring the sword of Gryffindor. Yes Neville, you are worthy.

40. Emma, Daniel & Rupert when they became Hermione, Harry and Ron.

You are now free to get off the Hogwarts Express.

Images have been sourced from: Harry Potter fans and acid cow