Remember the first time Harry boarded the Hogwarts Express? Or the time when he first entered the Great Hall and all you wanted to do was be there and get enjoy the Sorting Ceremony and the feast with the Weasleys? Or that time when he and his friends were enjoying a day out in Hogsmeade and you wanted to get your hands on the yummy candies and Butterbeer too? All you wanted to do was be in that huge castle, sit with Harry in the Defence Against The Dark Arts classes, play Quidditich or just enjoy a nice, sunny day by the Black Lake.

Well, what if we told you, you can do all of that, and much more? No, we’re not lying. Not everything that you saw in the movie was a set. There were a lot of real places too. And you can visit all these places and relive so many of Harry’s experiences! 

Here are 20 Harry Potter places that should be on every Potterheads travel bucket list: 

1. Platform 9 3/4, King’s Cross Station, London

Yes! The good folks at King’s Cross have actually installed this between platforms 4 & 5!

2. Christ Church, Oxford University, England

The hall of this place is where all Great Hall scenes were shot. This is where Harry’s sorting happened. Grand, ain’t it?

3. Piccadilly Circus, London

This is where Hermione apparates with Harry and Ron when Bill and Fleur’s wedding is attacked by Death Eaters. Visit this place at night to get the real feel, just like in the movie.

4. Alnwick Castle, Northumberland, England

Remember Harry’s first flying lesson when he caught Neville’s Remembrall and was chosen by McGonagall as Gryffindor’s seeker? Well, that scene was shot here. You can visit this place and get a picture clicked, flying on a broom. Now how cool is that?

5. Glenfinnan Viaduct, Scotland

Take the Jacobite ( it looks just like the Hogwarts Express) train from Scotland and it will pass through this bridge. The bridge has been shown numerous times for being the one from which the Hogwarts Express passes. This is one ride you don’t wanna miss!

6. Leadenhall Market, London

This is Leadenhall Market in London, and this particular shop entrance here is the one that was shown as the entry to the Leaky Cauldron in Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone

7. Millennium Bridge, London 

This bridge is hard to miss when in London. But us Potterheads recognize it as the one that was destroyed by the Death Eaters in Half-Blood Prince. Make sure no Death Eater is lurking around in the hope of destroying it again, will ya?

8. Reptile House, London Zoo

We all cheered for Harry when he set the snake free at the zoo in the first movie. So it’s only fair that we visit the place where it actually happened. Just one advice though, keep your Parseltongue in control!

9. 12 Picket Post Close, Martins Heron, Berkshire 

So you thought the Dursleys’ house was a set? It’s actually a private house in Berkshire and the street is the same as shown in the movies! Remember when Hagrid brought Harry here for the first time on Sirius’ bike? Or when Ron, Fred and George rescued Harry in the flying car? I can’t wait to visit this place!

10. Exhibition Hall, Australia House, London 

Though the entrance of Gringotts was a set, but the inside was shot here. Wish there was Hagrid to take you there like he took Harry for the first time!

11. Goathland Station, North Yorkshire

This is where the Hogwarts Express stopped, the Hogsmeade Station. This is where Hagrid gave Harry the photo album. It’s a real place and it’s beautiful!

12. Durham Cathedral’s Cloisters, County Durham

Say hello to Hogwarts corridors and courtyard! This is where Ron cursed Draco to eat slugs and the curse backfired on him. Be careful, there might still be a slug or two left behind!

13. Duke Humphrey’s Library, Oxford University

This is the Hogwarts Library, where books fly out of their places into your hands. Wish that happened in real life too. It would’ve been so cool!

14. Divinity School, Oxford University

Countless times, Harry’s been to the Hogwarts Infirmary, once when Lockhart vanished all the bones in his arm, when he crashed his broom into the Whomping Willow during a Quidditch match, or when Ron was poisoned. This is where it all happened.

15. Loch Shiel, Glencoe, Scotland

Here’s the Black Lake. This is where the second task of the Triwizard Tournament happened. And does the little hillock in the middle look familiar? Yes, that’s where Dumbledore’s tomb was. Nice picnic spot!

16. Claremont Square, Islington 

Look at the picture. Rings a bell? Black House? Grimmauld Place? Order of the Phoenix’s headquarters? Now you remember! Try spotting 12 Grimmauld Place here.

17. Balmoral Hotel, Edinburgh

In a suite of this hotel, J.K. Rowling finished writing the seventh book of the series. That suite has been named the J.K. Rowling Suite and is open to public viewing. Do not miss out on this one!

18. The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter, Universal Orlando Resort, Florida, USA 

A Harry Potter-themed adventure park. Great! It’s magical, really. Like our very own Disneyland. Only better.

19. Warner Bros. Studio Tour, London

From Hogwarts Express to Hogsmeade, the entire Harry Potter world is settled inside this magical place! They even serve Butterbeer and the Harry Potter candies & sweets. Fancy Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Bean, anyone?

20. College of Wizardry, Czocha, Poland 

And once you’re done seeing all these places, go to this college and learn magic. We’re not lying!

Pack your trunks and get going. Don’t forget your owls!