Harsh Goenka, the chairman of RPG Enterprises and the eldest son of R.P. Goenka, who was the founder of the RPG Group, an Indian industrial and services conglomerate, recently took to Twitter to share an absurd graphical explanation of why the rich get richer.

Take a look at what he tweeted:

After conveniently equating the wealth of the rich and the poor, the graph goes on to show that the rich get richer because they save and invest alongside spending, whereas the poor spend whatever they earn, let alone the fact they don’t even get the minimum income or support to fulfil their basic needs – food, water, shelter, clothing.

The infographic based on gross generalisation and an overwhelming sense of delusion also conveniently dismisses the stark divide between rich and poor also exists because the rich also capitalise on the poor’s plight. During the pandemic, when India added 40 new billionaires to the global rich list, about 56 million Indians may have plunged into poverty. As per a 2021 report by Oxfam, top 1% of Indians owned 40.5% of the country’s wealth.

harsh goenka twitter on why rich get richer
India Times

His tweet has courted a lot of backlash, and people are calling him out for being insensitive and out-of-touch with reality. Take a look:


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