Bollywood diva Sonam Kapoor is all set to be a part of a talk show as the Harvard Business School’s (HBS) panel has invited her for a new ‘gender series’, reports the Hindustan Times.

In few days, the HBS will launch a Gender Series in which the first conversation will be with the school’s professor Geoffrey G. Jones on the topic, Beauty: Limiting or Liberating. The institution has invited Sonam to join the esteemed panel on July 14 for the same.

Sonam will share insights and participate in the debate too. The event will be curated at a hotel in south Mumbai.

b’Sonam will share insights and participate in the debate too| Source: PTI’

“Sonam will talk about the pitfalls and challenges associated with both the aspects – notions of beauty and the aspiration to look ‘beautiful. Plus, she has also been very vocal about condemning body shaming and embracing individual beauty,” says an insider. 

When contacted, an excited Sonam says: “I look forward to joining the conversation conducted by the HBS. I think the subject is very relevant to times that we live in.”

(Feature Image Source: PTI)