Hasan Minhaj began Patriot Act on Netflix in 2018 and soon became a crowd favourite. The comedian’s Indian heritage and relatable childhood formed the foundation for most of his sets that had us laughing while learning. Why isn’t this man teaching math? 

Now, after two years of entertaining and educating on Netflix, Hasan announced that the show is coming to an end. And we’re going to be honest, we’re heartbroken over this. *cries anime tears*

Hasan spoke of everything from politics to climate change, immigration and student loans, always getting the important points across. So the fact that this Netflix show has been cancelled has come as a surprise to many fans. 

Twitter took the time to thank the comedian for his amazing work:

Thought the reasons for the show being cancelled haven’t been shared yet, we can’t help but feel upset just like the rest of the Hasan fans. His voice for the Indian community and South Asians in general has been impactful, powerful and hilarious – without doing the weird ‘Indian’ accent. We can’t wait to watch what he has in store next. 

P.S. Who else was waiting for a Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj episode on the pandemic?