Who else remembers the haunted house from The Conjuring? You know, the farmhouse from the first case that Ed and Lorraine solved? Well, the Heinzen family lives there currently, and boy do they have something to say about the property. 


According to the family, the house is still haunted. The farmhouse in Harrisville, Rhode Island that inspired the 2013 film, is owned by Cory and Jennifer Heinzen, and the couple has admitted to hearing footsteps, seeing the lights flicker, et cetera on multiple occasions. 


Apart from the couple’s account of this, their daughter Madison Heinzen has also been documenting the said supernatural occurrences. She’s even uploaded video recordings on TikTok. Madison has talked about witnessing a woman in a wedding dress who instantly disappeared within a span of a few seconds while she was having dinner. 


And, her parents have confirmed this sighting, because they keep the house open for tours, and apparently, other people have also seen the bride ghost. Yeesh, talk about being eerie! They’ve installed twelve cameras in the house to document the supernatural activity further.

The family has also spoken about it being pretty daunting to think about how the spirits are rumoured to be friendly in the beginning but turn malicious, slowly over time. 


You can check out the house in the video tour of it. 

Are you a believer?