As a kid who grew up in the 90s, TV was the major source of entertainment for me. Comedy, romance, thriller or horror, you name it and there was a TV serial for that genre.

And if you were a fan of watching horror, you’d know what Aahat did to us.


The show was so scary that we got the worst nightmares after watching it.

It was among the first horror shows (Zee Horror Show and X-Zone) to feature on Indian television and will always have a special place in the memories of a 90s kid.

And the one thing that etched this show into our memories was its title song or background cover music.

Let any horror show come, no one can match the scary background music which Aahat had.

This music had the ability to give us the creeps for the whole night. And even after that we would go on to watch the episode.


Aur phir har jagah, especially bathroom mein yehi music sunayi deta tha.

And the graphics, they could scare the shit out of us. Those dark bluish animated characters had a horror of their own.


To be honest, I never watched it after that haath nikalne vala scene. Usi me phatt jati thi.

No matter how many new horror shows come, Aahat’s music will always be the one that can creep us out anytime, anywhere.