Despite the high production value and intense gravitas of HBO shows, they don’t exactly enjoy the kind of popularity that serials on Netflix and the like possess. That doesn’t mean they’re not of the same calibre though, in fact, a lot of times they’re a whole lot better – they just tend to fly under the radar. Here’s a few amazing HBO shows you should definitely check out.  

1. Lovecraft Country

First things first – this sci-fi horror show is produced by Jordan Peele, so it’s already got a stamp of approval. Taking place in the 1950s, this show follows Atticus, a black man traversing the USA in search of his father, while navigating the horrors of racial discrimination as well as the forces of evil.


2. Perry Mason

Set in 1930s Los Angeles, this show tells the origin story of the famous defense lawyer Perry Mason, and his beginnings as a hard-drinking but dedicated private detective. It stars Matthew Rhys as the titular character, and also features stellar performances by the immensely talented John Lithgow and Tatiana Maslany. 

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3. The Leftovers

Three years after several residents of a town mysteriously disappear with no explanation, the remaining population tries to deal with the loss and rebuild some semblance of a life. This supernatural mystery drama stars Justin Theroux and Carrie Coon.

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4. The Night Of

Riz Ahmed acts his heart out as Nasir Khan in this crime/mystery criminally underrated miniseries. It begins with him being charged with the murder of a woman he just met a day prior, and the ensuing fight to prove his innocence. 


5. Barry

Bill Hader stars as the titular Barry in this dark comedy about an ace assassin who’s suffering from burnout. Consequently, he discovers a passion for acting that he actively pursues, but his old life of crime is always close behind.

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6. Veep

Julia Louis-Dreyfus stars in this critically acclaimed political satire that definitely flew under the radar over here. She plays Selina Meyer, Vice President of the United States, as the job throws constant and hilarious curveballs at her.


7. I May Destroy You

This show stars the acclaimed acting talents of Michaela Coel as a Twitter star turned author who’s in a race against time to finish her second novel. The overarching plot of this comedy drama focusses on Cole’s character trying to rebuild her life after being the victim of sexual assault. 


8. His Dark Materials

This show, based on the novels of the same name by Philip Pullman, is a fantasy deep-dive that doesn’t shy away from the disturbing. It’s based in an alternate world where a a supreme authority known as The Magisterium controls every facet of what people read and learn. When a young girl learns of a dark conspiracy, she sets off on a journey to the ends of her dimension and beyond.

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9. The Plot Against America

Based on a 2004 novel by Philip Roth, this show is an alternate history telling of the USA during World War II. Famed pilot and suspected Nazi-sympathiser Charles Lindbergh has become the President, in turn leading to widespread persecution of Jews and others across the country. The story is told through the eyes of one Jewish family who watch it all unfold in terror.


10. Succession

Succession is a satirical comedy-drama series that follows the lives of the extremely powerful Roy family, who control what is arguably the biggest media and entertainment company in the world. When Logan, the longtime head of the company and the family, steps down, the rest of the Roys scramble to keep things in order.


Check these shows out if you haven’t, they’re great!