In association with Signature Packaged Drinking Water

Recently, with Signature Packaged Drinking Water as the title sponsor, the 9th Indian Film Project was organized to much fanfare and enthusiasm. The India Film Project is a platform that encourages budding talent to capitalize on their enthusiasm for filmmaking. The festival’s marquee event, the ’50-Hour Filmmaking Challenge,’ challenged many participants to create a unique and captivating short film from scratch. The two-day content festival at Mumbai had speakers from different fields ranging from films, comics, literature and music. Not only that, the festival also featured a host of interesting and engaging panel discussions, AMAs, workshops and screenings.  

Arguably the biggest draw at the IFP was the talk given by Manoj Bajpayee, coming in hot at the heels of his blockbuster portrayal of the middle class spy Srikant, from Amazon Prime Video’s “The Family Man.” 

After receiving many accolades for his turn as the clever and ingenious agent, he took to the Signature Masterclass platform to talk about what he thinks is essential for pursuing one’s dreams and shared his passion to paycheck journey. In his talk, Manoj Bajpayee emphasised the importance of hard work, drive and perseverance in finding and pursuing one’s passion relentlessly. He spoke about how he discovered his passion for acting early on, and how he knew from an early age that this is what he wanted to do. He also talked about the sleepless nights one must spend in order to keep one’s dream alive and kicking. We also got to know about his process; the fact that one has to keep at the grind for fourteen to eighteen hours a day to get things right. In the end, he exhorted others to pursue their dreams as well and told them to never give up sight of it once they found it. Check out Manoj’s complete interview below.