One of the things 90s kids can relate to, a lot, is just how great the music was at the time. Though it’s not only about the music, but the music videos as well. They storylines of the videos, plus the fact that they featured some of the cutest people resulted in the most memorable music singles. In fact, this detailed thread by journalist Mimansa Shekhar about the heart-throbs we saw in 90s and 2000s indie pop videos is exactly the kind of nostalgia we’re referring to.

Mimansa has listed out music videos that featured the most crush-worthy people in that era, here take a look, you probably won’t be able to stop yourself from watching and listening to all of them:

I think we were all waiting for Milind Soman and Shahid Kapoor to show up in this list. Because how can they not be here!

Here’s how people have responded to this epic thread:

Arjun Rampal, Milind Soman and Dino Morea were pretty much the holy trinity of 90s music videos.