It’s been a week since Harry Potter And The Cursed Child came out. By now, we’ve all read it, or are at least halfway through it. And like every other Harry Potter book, we’ve found scenes in this one too, that made us curl into a ball and cry loudly or weep silently, holding the book close to our hearts. When Harry and Albus had that epic argument, or when Draco wasn’t the cold blonde boy and showed that he has feelings too; and then there’s always an emotional Snape scene! 

Well, we’ve put together the most heartbreaking quotes from Harry Potter And The Cursed Child that made us cry a river and we believe they’ll do the same to you…again. So keep a tissue box handy, just in case.

Here are 15 heartbreaking quotes from Harry Potter And The Cursed Child that will make you emotional. 


1. I don’t need to describe this one. No matter how many times we watch this happen in the Deathly Hallows or read it, we just can’t stop ourselves from shedding tears.


2. We all felt poor Albus’ pain of being a disappointment to his dad and the world. 


3. Cedric’s death was always unjustified. But this scene made us cry so much, for we felt Amos’ pain. And yes, he wasn’t a spare! He was an extraordinary young wizard. 


4. Ah, the pain Harry must have felt. It was like a dagger dig right in his heart. 


5. When Draco expressed his feelings, it just moved us so much. Suddenly, everything Draco did in the earlier books was put into perspective. 


6. When Draco told Harry, Ron and Hermione how he craved to have real friends, just like them. Didn’t we all connect with him at some point here?


7. This one line from Albus was enough for us to understand how he felt for all those years. 


8. Oh, Harry! 


9. And to know that Harry wasn’t the only one with a tormented childhood. 


10. Harry blaming himself for everyone who died was so painful. It took us back to all those moments when we cried over the death of Dumbledore, Fred, Hedwig, Dobby and the others. 


11. If nothing else, then this book surely made us fall in love with Draco. To see his vulnerable side was truly heartbreaking. 


12. Dumbledore saying how he failed at protecting Harry and how much it pained him was really disturbing. 


13. This was during one of the time-turner moments, when Hagrid rescued Harry from the ruins of his house in Godric’s Hollow after Voldemort killed his parents. And Hagrid kept his promise, he was more than just a friend to Harry. He was like a father to him!


14. When Albus said this to Scorpius, we swear we cried and were extremely proud of him for being a true friend. 


15. And then the perfect Snape moment. *Throws away everything and cries uncontrollably*

Do you realise there won’t be another Harry Potter book after this? Never again! *Cries even harder*