There is something so beautiful about watching a well-written and inspiring coming-out scene. There are few movies and TV shows that manage to do it well and here are some of our favourites! 

1. Love, Simon

After coming out to his family, Simon asks his mother if she knew. And being a therapist, she gives a beautiful monologue telling Simon that she knew he was hiding something, a secret that was holding him down. Now that it’s out in the open, he can finally exhale. 


2. Supergirl

When Alex tells Kara that she had feelings for Maggie, Alex confirms if she is coming out to her. The scene was so beautifully portrayed in a casual conversation between two sisters. 


3. Schitt’s Creek

Remember the time David explained his pansexuality to Stevie with a wine metaphor? ‘I like the wine and not the label’ will go down in history as one of the best coming-out lines. 

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4. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

The time when Rosa came out as bisexual to the station and even gave them exactly a minute to ask all the questions they needed. 

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5. This Is Us

When Tess came out to her parents saying that she might like girls and she has been feeling uncomfortable about telling her parents. Her honest confession followed by her parents comforting her warmed our hearts. 

6. Riverdale

Throughout the show, Cheryl Blossom had been one of the strongest characters. But when she came out to Toni after watching Love, Simon, it broke our hearts. She spoke of her first love and feeling like a ‘deviant monster’ because she was bisexual. Thank god she found Toni!


7. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

Theo’s friends were so supportive of his transition but it was the moment that he came out as trans to his father that stayed with us. 

8. Pretty Little Liars

Emily came out to her dad simply by saying that she wasn’t a little girl anymore and very different from the person he knew. One of the earliest coming-out scenes on television, it surely made an impact. 


10. Sense8

Though this entire show is basically an ode to sexuality and genders across the rainbow, this specific scene stood out. Lito Rodriguez, a famous actor in the show, coming out to the world with his boyfriend, Hernando at a pride parade? Iconic. 

10. BoJack Horseman

Todd telling BoJack that he was asexual without making a fuss about it is one of the best representations on television. 


11. Glee

Kurt was one of the most well written characters on this show and him coming out to his father was all sorts of fuzziness that made us melt. Their relationship was truly father-son goals. 

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12. Ugly Betty

Justin coming out to his entire family at the ball was a moment of relief and joy for every single Ugly Betty fan who had been cheering him on through the seasons. 


13. Sex Education

While we loved everything about this show, these two moments specifically made us shed happy tears. 

When Ola came out as pansexual and even explained it louder for the people in the back, busting all the stereotypes that came along with the label.  

When Eric finally gets through to his father who is afraid for him. This bonding moment defines their relationship throughout the second season. 


14. Stranger Things

When Robin told Steve about the person she likes, a girl, and gave him ‘the look’ when he stated the obvious. 


Which is your favourite coming-out moment?