Joaquin Phoenix’s portrayal of Joker made him a household name for many who were not aware of the actor’s fine skills and huge history. 

But the finesse with which he played the character in the 2019 movie made people stand up and draw parallels with Heath Ledger’s role in Batman: The Dark Knight

Interestingly, very few people knew that the actors were pitted against each other for the Best Actor’s category in the 2006 Oscars. 

While Ledger was nominated for Brokeback Mountain, Phoenix made it to the list for his flick Walk the Line

Being unaware of what the future holds, the two gentlemen were seen bonding well during the ceremony. 

Sadly, none could actually bag the award, which ultimately went to Philip Seymour Hoffman for Capote.


But at the Oscars’ party, people witnessed a meeting of a lifetime. The two iconic Jokers of the future calmly meeting and bonding. What a sight! 


It must have been a day to remember for many who were present there at the event.