Let’s keep this simple. Henry Cavill is practically perfect. Here’s why: 

1. When he talks about missing Zack Snyder’s call to tell him that he’s got Superman because he was busy playing World Of Warcraft

In his own words, it’s cool now that he’s Superman. But yes, Cavill indeed saw his phone ring but did not take the call because he was in an important part of a particular cave in World of Warcraft. He, of course immediately returned the call to receive the good news. 

2. When he tells the story of how ‘Fat Cavill’ met Russell Crowe, who would go on to play his father in Man of Steel

This is one of those stories that make you believe Cavill was just meant to be a star. Cavill met Crowe and asked him a few questions about acting when the veteran actor had visited his school. The duo would later go on to reunite on the sets of Man of Steel where Cavill would go on to tell Crowe about the advice he received from the actor as a young man all those years ago. 

3. Henry Cavill is a true nerd and a gamer. 

There is no one point to discuss here. Everything you can think of about a nerd, he’s it. Except for the part where he literally looks like a God. But still a damn nerd. So much so, that there are a million compilations of him being nerdy on YouTube. 

4. He has a bunch of hobbies, all of which can be categorised as nerdy. 

From having collectables to painting them, Henry Cavill truly does it all. Just watch for yourself. 

5. He loves warhammer painting with a passion and yes, it is exactly as it sounds. He paints characters from warhammer. 

So here’s what he does. He individually paints the characters of Warhammer, creates an army then takes them to fight other people’s army. 

6. The way he talks about his dog, Kal (of course) is so f***ing precious and perfect. 

Kal is precious. Have you seen the dog? He is a beaut! And Henry loves him. So much so, that he brings him to sets everywhere and even to interviews during movie promotions. 

He really is (my best friend). We go everywhere together. He’s 8 now and he has saved my emotional, psychological bacon plenty of times.

-Henry Cavill

7. This is just Cavill telling the interviewer and essentially letting the world know that PC gaming is just better than PS or Xbox. It’s not even a competition. 

Every time people find out celebrities are gamers, the first question is always if they use an Xbox or a PlayStation. However, men of culture like Cavill prefer PC. And that ends the debate. Superman has spoken. 

8. Here’s him explaining how sex scenes on sets are difficult because ‘normally’ you are alone during sex. ‘Normally’, he emphasises, while there are big dudes everywhere on a set and there are a lot of slapping noises. 

I could never explain it with the nuance of Mr Cavill. So I’ll just let you hear the man himself. 

9. He’s such a big nerd that he gets around correcting people on the sets of The Witcher. 

In his own words, he likes people to stay true to the source material but we all know, how we nerds get when people get out sh*t wrong. 

10. He hates having moustaches because it gets difficult for him to go walk past schools without getting funny looks from people. 

Given that the CGI made him look like a garden nome in Justice League doesn’t help the moustache’s cause but to Henry, it’s mainly offensive to people who see him walk past schools. 

11. My man builds his own gaming PC. 

Note: This is important. So listen, not everyone who builds a gaming PC looks like Superman. So if they tell you they are like Henry Cavill because they too build gaming PCs, they probably look nothing like Henry Cavill. 

Now then, will someone from DC or Warner Bros tell us if he’s still going to be Superman or have they f***ed up again?